Monopoly Slots, classic theme, great fun

monopoly slots

A lot of people like to challenge their luck when playing slot machines. Slot machines have been popular for years and are played with pleasure and often. As early as 1889, the first slot machine was put into operation. Since then, the machines have been making sounds in casinos or on PCs or smartphones. Online casinos have existed since 1990, making going to a real casino superfluous. There are also more and more apps on the go that make it possible to pull the arm of a virtual slot machine.

Electronic Arts has now brought such a slot machine app to the Appstore and Google Play Store – Monopoly Slots. Underpinned with well-known elements from the classic game Monopoly, EA wants to inspire casino lovers.

In this game, the world of the classic game presented on this Live Monopoly website  is combined with the well-known features of a slot machine. The slot machine can be spun in each round. A simple touch of the yellow button sets the wheels in motion. Now you can either stop them individually, manually or wait until the wheels stop turning by themselves.

You win or lose coins through different combinations of different symbols. Double games, 3 times 3 games and 3 times 5 games are available here. As soon as you have won coins, Mr. Monopoly will dance across the smartphone screen and rejoice with you.

Within the game you also have the opportunity to secure jokers. There are secret jokers, the possibility to spin the wheel for free or various bonus levels.

Of course, you can also buy coins or diamonds with Monopoly slots through in-app purchases, much like when you gamble on Live Monopoly UK Casinos.

In small mini-games, the player also has the option of doubling or quadrupling his coins.

There are various slot machines in the game that are unlocked as the game progresses. If you link your game account to Facebook, you can reach these levels faster. The app also shows this advantage more often and tries to tempt you to link to Facebook.

Monopoly Slots Features

– FAST FREE FUN: Play a variety of MONOPOLY slot machines. Double down or go all out with 3×5 games. Enjoy big wins and let Mr. MONOPOLY celebrate you

– MORE CHANCES TO WIN: Play bonus mini-games, make it rain money or take the chance to double or quadruple!

– GET THE JOKER: Get huge bonuses with Secret Wilds, Wild Stacks, Free Spins and 2x Multipliers.

– DO YOU WANT MORE? Unlock more FREE slots on new levels. New ones are added regularly!

Monopoly slots cheats

Users keep asking us for cheats when gambling, including Monopoly Slots cheats. So far there are no ways to gain an advantage through cheats. In addition, this is also not advisable, since you risk your account and the playing time you have already invested. We as the App Blog recommend you: Use our tips and earn a well-funded game account with fair means. In addition, the use of Monopoly Slots Cheats is also not allowed, so we can only advise you not to even try it.

Conclusion on Monopoly Slots

A combination of the classic Monopoly and the well-known slot machines – a fun game that does not require many skills. This is where luck and patience come into play. The slot machine decides on victory or defeat, poverty or wealth. Enjoy numerous prizes together with Mr. Monopoly. The app is free and available for iOS and Android.