MatchedBets & ProfitSquad Members Get 0 % Commission at Matchbook

matchbook 0% commission and announced this week that their members will be eligible for 0% commission across all bets at until June 4th.

The two matched betting services joined forces last month to become one company and have given current and new members access to both services at no extra cost. launched in August of 2016 and provide a range of excellent matched betting tools which have all been built in-house. They also provide what we consider to be some of the best offer guides available and generally go into more detail than other matched betting sites. Profit Squad have been around slightly longer than MatchedBets. Forming a year earlier in August of 2015. The team over at Profit Squad have developed a reputation of being one of the leaders in advanced matched betting offers and advanced casino offers.¬†Advanced casino offers are not something all matched bettors get involved with as some of the bigger matched betting sites don’t cover the subject on a large scale. The merger of the two sites can only be a positive and we’re already seeing new features and tools being added to MatchedBets such as an advanced casino calculator, various advanced casino offer guides and a nifty new chat app called Discord which is full of members talking matched betting throughout the day.

The two brands now have made a deal with to offer all paying members 0% commission across all bets until June 4th 2018. OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator run a similar deal for their members by offering 0% commission at Smarkets. Both Profit Accumulators and OddsMonkeys deals end on May 31st.

These 0% commission offers are sometimes overlooked by matched bettors but they can add increase your monthly profits by a significant amount. Think about how many bets you place on the exchange each day or week and you’ll be saving up to 2% on those bets. It all adds up and these are great offers to take advantage of when they’re available.

Members of or can sign up to Matchbook via the links in the offer guides on each site and they’ll¬†automatically be eligible for 0% commission across all bets. The promotion is also available to those who hold existing accounts at Matchbook and those members can email support to request to be added to the promotion.

Get 0% commission at

Join or today and get access to both sites for one price as well as 0% commission at until June 4th!