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matchedbets horse racing matcher

Members of were recently presented with a new matched betting tool which aims to make profiting from horse racing offers quicker and easier.

The new Horse Racing Matcher from works similar to their regular odds matcher, except that it only displays matches for predefined horse racing offers from selected bookmakers.

There are multiple horse racing offers every day and the majority of them can be very profitable. However, a lot of horse racing offers do not guarantee a profit and so the key to generating a profit from these offers is to keep qualifying losses to a minimum.

Thankfully, this is where the new Horse Racing Matcher helps.


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Users can view matches for various horse racing offers such as William Hill’s High5, Bet365’s 4/1 and multiple other money back horse racing offers. Bookmaker and Exchange odds are displayed along with various other details such as qualifying loss and and expected value.

The matches are automatically ordered by value and users can filter which results are displayed based on specific offers, courses and individual horse races.

Unlike finding matches in the regular odds matcher, the horse racing matcher will only display matches that meet the requirements of the specific horse racing offers. For example, Bet365’s 4/1 offer pays a free bet when a customer backs a winner at 4/1 or more on selected races. Therefore, the horse racing matcher will only display matches for Bet365 where the horses are priced at 4/1 or more and racing at the courses set by Bet365 for that day.

We’ve been testing the horse racing matcher out over the past few days and it works extremely well. We’ve found some very good matches and there’s no doubt that this tool will save users a lot of time in finding close matches for multiple horse racing offers.

matchedbets horse racing matcher

The Horse Racing Matcher from


Horse racing matchers are offered by other matched betting sites such as Profit Accumulator and OddsMonkey but one feature that sets MatchedBets’ matcher apart from the rest is their real-time odds feature. MatchedBets have this feature integrated into their regular odds matcher and their calculator and we’re happy to see that it has also been integrated into their new tool. Horse racing odds are more susceptible to fast changes and finding close matches can sometimes be a real pain when the odds are moving quickly. Using this tool, you’ll see the odds change in the matcher in real-time as they change on the bookmaker sites and betting exchanges. It also auto updates other details including qualifying losses and expected value. If the odds change after you have clicked through to the calculator from a match, the odds will still update automatically, as will your calculated lay stakes.

This is an excellent feature and one that really sets the tools available at MatchedBets apart from others on the market.

Once the user has found a suitable match, they can click on the adjacent button which will open up the calculator. The calculator will be prepopulated with the details of the selection along with the required lay stake.

Users can then track their bet with the click of a button which will record all bet details and when complete, will update their total matched betting profit on their dashboard.

Horse racing matchers aren’t anything new. However, MatchedBets have developed an excellent tool here that provides a lot of value to matched bettors. The real-time odds and seemless integration with users’ accounts are what makes this tool really stand out and what makes it one of the best horse racing matchers currently out there. This is just one of many excellent tools provides to customers. You can read more on what they offer in our MatchedBets review.


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