MatchedBets Free Trial Replaced by £1 for 14 days Premium


This week, have removed their free trial option and replaced it with full premium access for 14 days for £1., are one of our highly recommended matched betting sites. Prior to this week, they offered customers a free trial option which gave members access to 3 bookmaker offers from which they could make around £50. Many other sites such as OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator offer a similar model which is designed to give users a taste of matched betting without the cost. 

However, we're in favour of this new model, which is also implemented on ABC Beting Ltd's other matched betting site, Instead of having access to just 3 bookmaker offers and minimal tools, members now get access to over 60 new customer offers, worth over £1,000, all daily reload offers and every tool which is available on the site. Not only does this give members a chance to earn A LOT more profit, it also opens their eyes to how much money it is possible to make when matched betting. Many users give up matched betting as they don't realise how much money they can make. However, by having all of the offers, guides and profit laid out in front of them from as soon as they sign up, they're much more likely to continue matched betting and generate more profit. And all of this for just £1!

Sign up today to get FULL Premium access for 14 days for £1

14 days access to all offers should give new users enough time to get to grips with matched betting and complete 10-20 new customer offers. Those offers should return around £150-£300 on average and so the £1 cost is an excellent deal.

MatchedBets announced this month that they have added 15 new bookmakers to their odds matcher which makes it a lot easier for users to find close matches and to complete offers quicker. They're also making improvements across the site and for the time being, new and existing members still get access to both AND Profit Squad are one of the leaders in advanced matched betting and advanced casino methods and their community have some very experienced members who have a wealth of knowledge on generating profits in the long-term.

One of our favourite recent additions to MatchedBets is their Discord matched betting group. Members can join the group and chat to other members in real-time about offers or seek support if needed. You can also enable notifications when there are close matches for offers like 2up which is extremely helpful as it is one of the most popular matched betting offers around and close matches seem to go quick once they get around. This feature allows you to be notified instantly when there is a close match! Take a look at our MatchedBets review to learn more.