Matched Betting with Kwiff

matched betting with kwiff

You will have most likely seen Kwiff advertised at some point over the past 6 months or so. Kwiff have been advertising heavily online and on TV promoting a new way to bet using their app. Since Kwiff launched, matched bettors have been taking advantage of their main selling point, super charged odds, to generate a profit and you can too!

What is kwiff and how does it work?

Kwiff is an online betting app. Customers cannot place bets via a PC or Laptop and all bets must be placed through the app. Kwiff is currently available to download for free on the Apple and Google Play Stores.

Customers can place bets on a variety of sports and betting markets just like they would at any other bookmaker. Singles and accumulators are accepted.

Kwiff doesn't offer customers sign up bonuses or run free bet promotions. Instead, they give customers the chance to receive boosted odds on every bet they place.

The video below explains how Kwiff works


For example, you want to place a bet on West Brom to beat Liverpool. The odds displayed on Kwiff are 9/1. These are their standard odds which are available to everyone using the app. When you place your bet there is a chance that your bet will be 'Kwiffed'. If your bet is Kwiffed, the odds of your bet will be increased. 

The image on the right shows this bet which has been Kwiffed from 9/1 to 100/1.

Some important points to remember are:

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    Not all bets will be Kwiffed (odds increase)
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    You don't know if your bet will be Kwiffed until after you have confirmed your bet
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    You don't know how much your odds will be boosted by if you are lucky enough to have your bet Kwiffed

how to make a profit with kwiff

So, now we know how Kwiff works, how do we use it to make a profit when matched betting?

Kwiff can be very profitable when matched betting but it is in no means guaranteed to make you a profit. Your edge comes from when you have your odds boosted by Kwiff. When this happens there is a very good chance you have created a profitable arb which you can lay off and lock in a profit instantly.

Let's take a look at how we would profit from the example above.

kwiff odds

The image above shows two matched betting calculators. The calculator on the left shows that if we placed a bet on West Brom to beat Liverpool at odds of 10.0 and laid West Brom at odds of 10.5, we would make a £0.33 loss based on a £5 bet. 

This would be the result should our bet not be Kwiffed.

The image on the right shows us the same bet but with Kwiffed odds of 100/1. By laying West Brom with odds of 10.5, we are able to make a profit of £42.20 whatever the result of the game.

How often are bets kwiffed?

This is the main question and unfortunately, no one will be able to tell you the answer. You won't know how often your bets will be Kwiffed or by how much if they are. This is why matched betting with Kwiff is not a guarantee.

However. Many matched bettors are reporting that they generally have their 1st, 2nd or 3rd bet Kwiffed. This would make sense as Kwiff will want new customers to get excited about their service and if you don't get your bets Kwiffed, whats the point? Customers are much more likely to place further bets if their first or second bets are boosted. 

Based on these findings, you may be able to may a good profit by using Kwiff as a new customer. 

key points

As with most advantage play matched betting offers, the key is to minimise qualifying losses as much as possible. This involves finding close matches. Unfortunately, as Kwiff is an app, you won't find them included in any odds matchers and so you will have to find your matches manually. 

Once you have found a close match, check the lay odds and use a matched betting calculator to work out what your qualifying losses would be if your bet is not Kwiffed. If they are acceptable, place your bet with Kwiff. When you have placed your bet with Kiwff, the are two outcomes.

1. Your odds will be boosted

2. Your odds will not be boosted

If your odds are NOT boosted, lay the bet off as normal and you will most likely make a small loss.

If your odds ARE boosted, enter the boosted odds into the matched betting calculator and place your lay bet with the newly calculated stake. Depending on how much your odds have been boosted by, you should be able to make a profit whatever the result of your bet is.

We have heard reports from some matched bettors that they have made over £1,000 from Kwiffed odds over a series of bets. Although it is likely that one of your initial bets will be Kwiffed, it's hard to say how often they will be boosted after that and so proceed with caution and only bet on close matches with very small qualifying losses.