Matched Betting Tips for the World Cup

matched betting tips for the world cup

The 2018 World Cup is almost upon us and matched bettors are getting very excited with the potential profit which can be made throughout the tournament. We've already seen a number of bookmakers run pre-tournament promotions with potentially hundreds of pounds worth of free bets being offered for new and existing customers. Some of the more common offers include free bets when your chosen top goalscorer scores, free bets when your chosen team wins a match and a range of 'money back if' offers.

With so many offers about it's important to keep track of the bets you have placed and which promotions you have participated in. For example, if you have partipated in one of the offers mentioned above, you could potentially be receiving free bets across various bookmaker accounts for the next month. The majority of these free bets have relatively short expiration dates and so you need to know when you are receiving them so that you can extract a cash profit from them before they expire. 

You have a couple of options for keeping track of what bets you have placed and which promotions you have participated in. The first is to use an automated bet tracker such as the one offer to their members. Their bet tracking feature records all of the bets and free bets you place and you can go back and view them at any time. Other matched betting services offer similar features and they're great for general day-to-day matched betting as they're a quick and easy way of keeping track of your betting activity and of your profits. However, for keeping on top of your free bets for the World Cup, we would recommend spreadsheets. The reason being that you can add a lot more information to spreadsheets so you can note down the T&C's of each offer what what triggers your free bets so you'll know when you're due to be credited with one.

With so many bookmakers running promotions in the run up and throughout the World Cup, it can be very time consuming to keep up to date with what offers are about. If you're not currently signed up to a matched betting service then now couldn't be a better time. Sites such as, OddsMonkey, Profit Squad and Profit Accumulator all have teams which scour the bookmaker sites every day and list the best and most profitable offers on their site for their members to view. Memberships start from as little as £1 and many will be running promotions themselves for new customers over the next couple of weeks. Many matched bettors are expecting profits of £500-£1,000 over the course of the World Cup from the big free bets and money-back offers and so the membership fees are excellent value considering the time you'll save and the range of tools and guides which help you extract maximum profits from the free bets and offers.

If you're relatively new to matched betting, you may not have accounts at some of the bookmakers which are running the best World Cup offers. With just two weeks to go until the World Cup kicks off, now is the time to register accounts at these bookmakers so that you have the time and funds to take advantage of the sign up offers prior to the World Cup specific offers. New customer offers can be extremely profitable and it is recommended you take advantage of these first so that you are also eligible for the offers throughout the tournament.