Matched Betting: Tips and Best Practices

Matched Betting tips

Each professional player makes money on sports betting according to his/her own strategy. Some prefer deep analysis and searching for overvalued odds; others copy bets of more successful colleagues. But today, more and more bookmakers’ clients align with the matched betting strategy. This growth in popularity can be explained by the fact that the method has no risks related to money losses or illegal activities. On the one hand, it may seem easy: you just place several risk-free bets and make profits, on the other hand, a lot of work lies behind it. This is a very complicated and time-consuming activity: registration of several sports betting accounts, verification processes, making deposits, allocation of funds, fast reaction to changing situations, hours of sitting in front of a computer, etc. 

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, what’s more, bookmakers constantly put up obstacles, for they’re not eager to share their revenue. 

Many newcomers often fail because they thoughtlessly start betting on everything, without hiding at all and without trying to systematize their earnings in any way. 

Usually, after a few bets, such users are blocked by the bookmakers, their maximums are cut off, and other sanctions are applied. In order to stay afloat as long as possible and get a tangible profit, you need to stick to some rules and follow the best practices. And we’re here to share some of them with you.

Use multiple bookies 

The first thing to do is to open several sports betting accounts such as with For professional work, even 3-4 bookmakers will not be enough. The more, the better. Pay attention only to reliable brands, which are safe and loyal, and which usually do not get used to such harsh measures as confiscation of winnings or complete blocking of an account. A large number of accounts in various sportsbooks will give you a significant advantage. Firstly, it’ll be possible to cover different events, outcomes, and odds in different bookies. And this eventually will lead to earnings growth. Secondly, you won’t use the same platforms often, which means that the security services will not be too quick to track down your “smart” bets. As a result, the accounts will “live” longer. Thirdly, it will be possible to capitalize on bonuses, in some cases, it will be a profitable activity, as you will get either a net win in one bookie or wagered bonus funds in another one. 

Ideally, of course, you need to start with 5-6 bookmaker accounts. Also, think about making more than the minimum deposit when you fund your accounts. If you even have a small deposit, it is better to divide it among several bookies. That way, there is less risk of getting busted. 

Learn to place bets promptly

Once you’ve detected appropriate betting options, it is necessary to place bets as soon as possible. Such a situation is not long-lasting, at any moment, bookmakers can change the odds, and you won’t get any profit. It is recommended to make out coupons using some special automated tools, the good news is that the market doesn’t lack them. 

Most large bookies use special programs to track arbitrage situations. If the number of bets on one outcome increases, reducing the potential profit of a betting company, or the discrepancy in the odds becomes too significant, the security service will immediately stop accepting bets and level up the odds. The player’s goal is to make a bet at favourable odds before that happens. 

Be smart when making bets

There is always a risk that your sportsbook account could be blocked. To prevent this, you need to keep your accounts healthy and active. The best way to avoid bans is to behave like a regular bettor. That is, you should stick to round bet values (e.g. 3.50 USD), rather than some odd stake sizes (e.g. 6.78 USD). Also, choose widespread disciplines and popular events to bet on, it will help you not to arouse unnecessary suspicions.

Choose markets with similar odds

Matched betting is all about finding close matches between two markets. The aim is to look for markets with tight back and lay odds. The closer the match, the more money you’ll make from an offer.

Double-check everything 

The matched betting strategy does really work, if you follow it correctly, avoiding mistakes. That’s why it’s necessary to check bets thoroughly, especially when it comes to high odds. One of the options is turning to special tools (oddsmatchers), they will keep you right with your bets.

Never turn to gambling

Gambling and matched betting are two completely different things. Gambling involves risk, while matched betting is risk-free. If you turn to gambling, you’ll trifle away your earnings within a few weeks. If you want to gamble for big winnings, matched betting is not for you. However, if you intend to align with a proven strategy to get guaranteed profits, then matched betting is the way to follow.

Use special services

To make sure you are not risking your bets, you need to use special services and tools. They will both save you tons of time and ensure you against errors.

It’s essential to calculate how much funds to stake on your back and lay bets to earn profits. Online matched betting calculators have been created specifically for this purpose. You will find even free ones out there, for example, Free Matched Betting Calculator, OddsMonkey Calculator, Profitaccumulator, etc.

As mentioned before, one of the main elements of matched betting is to find close matches. It is a complex and time-consuming process, but there is a solution for this as well – oddsmatchers or automatchers. They compare thousands of bets in seconds and give you a list of the best betting options. Thus, such tools as ProfitSquad, Oddsmonkey Oddsmatcher, Okeyno, etc. will take all of this hard work out.

That’s it for today’s matched betting tips. We hope you might find them useful. Don’t stray from your strategy, check everything carefully, and then you’ll surely get the most out of your matched betting efforts!