Best Matched Betting Spreadsheets

matched betting spreadsheets

One of the most important parts of matched betting is being organised and matched betting spreadsheets are a great way to do that. It's likely that you will be doing multiple offers at once and it's easy to lose track of what bets you have on with which bookmakers and exchanges. Being orgainsed is also a great motivational tool. Making £1 profit here and another £5 profit there doesn't seem like much but if you keep track of your profit throughout the month, you'll be surprised how much you make and you'll want to earn more the next month. 

Matched betting spreadsheets vary in their uses but in this article we'll be looking at the best matched betting spreadsheets for profit and bet tracking. 

team profit Spreadsheet

Possibly one of the better matched betting spreadsheets available for free is the TeamProfit Profit Tracker. 

It's not the most advanced matched betting spreadsheet but it does the essentials such as 

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    Automatically calculates your lay stakes with it's integrated matched betting calculator
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    Keep track of your profits in your bookmaker and exchange accounts automatically
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    View your profits daily, monthly or over any period in graph form

It also lists a number of new customer offers. However, as these can expire and change regularly, we'd rather these were not included.

Overall, the spreadsheet is laid out very well and is pleasing to the eye as well as functional.

You can download the TeamProfit Profit Tracker Spreadsheet for free by clicking here

matched betting centre Spreadsheet

This is probably our favourite matched betting spreadsheet. It does everything you need it to do and nothing else. It's very simple to use and comes preloaded with a handful of example entries to help you get used to where things go.

The spreadsheet has a built in matched betting calculator so all you have to do is enter the bet details, the odds and your stake and it automatically calculates the lay stake and your return. Once you mark the bet as won or lost your overall profit will update.

When we used this spreadsheet we added a profit tracking graph to view profit over time. Although you can view your total profit using this spreadsheet, it is nice to see a visual representation of your progress. We'd like to see them update the spreadsheet with this feature but it's not hard to add this yourself.

You can download the spreadsheet by clicking here

ultimatcher Spreadsheet

The Ultimatcher spreadsheet is the work of a matched betting individual and is one of the most impressive matched betting spreadsheets we've come across. The spreadsheet is very well laid out and has some very nice automated  features such as showing you your pending bets and what free bets you have. 

The Ultimatcher spreadsheet does take a bit of getting used to and can seem quite complicated at first. However, there is a PDF guide that comes with it which guides you through everything. 

If you have a bit of time to get to grips with it, this is definitely worth checking out as it's by far the best matched betting spreadsheet out there. However, if you're looking for a quick and easy spreadsheet which you can get to grips with right away, we'd recommend one of the others we have listed.

You can download the Ultimatcher Matched Betting Spreadsheet for free by clicking here

built in Profit trackers

Many matched betting sites now have built in profit and bet trackers which effectively eliminates the need for matched betting spreadsheets. So why are we posting this article? Well, call us old fashioned but some of us still like spreadsheets. Don't get me wrong, the integrated bet and profit trackers are great and we especially like the feature provide for their members. However, some people are used to spreadsheets and like the simplicity of them. Also, it helps when you want to add additional notes or mix up casino and sports profits for example.

Other spreadsheets

Spreadsheets aren't just used to keep track of your matched betting profits and bets. There are a number of spreadsheets available which serve a number of purposes and can help you generate more profit through various methods. have a good selection of matched betting spreadsheets which are available to members to download from their resources section. As well as a a profit log spreadsheet, they also provide:

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    Multi ACCA Spreadsheet
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    Trigger Calculator Spreadsheet
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    Horse Racing Refund Spreadsheet
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    Multi Purpose Dutching Spreadsheet
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    Each Way Dutching Spreadsheet
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    Early Payout Spreadsheet


Matched betting spreadsheets aren't really necessary with many matched betting sites having built in profit and bet tracking functionalities. However, some people prefer them as they can customise them easier to suit their matched betting habits and how they wish to record their funds. 

When choosing a matched betting spreadsheet to use or when you are creating one yourself, it really depends on what functions you would like it to do. My advice would be to keep it simple, clean and orgainised, which is the point of spreadsheets in the first place. One feature I would recommend having in your spreadsheet is an integrated matched betting calculator. If you're recording your bets as you go it's a great feature to have and it also means that you can double check your calculations against the matched betting calculator on the matched betting site you use.

For spreadsheets which need to do a bit more than keep track of your profits, we strongly recommend checking out the range of sheets at They have a number of handy sheets which can save you a lot of time and effort in your calculations and make completing offers such as racing refunds, Bet365 Early Payout offer and dutching a breeze.