Matched Betting Sites in 2019 – What are your options?

matched betting sites 2019

So, we're into 2019 and for those of you who are just getting into matched betting, we've put this page together to help you decide which matched betting site to join. Many have their own advantages and also offer free or close-to-free trials so there is no harm in spending a bit of time and a couple of pounds trying a few of them out to see which one suits you best.

Ok, so here is our list of matched betting sites which we would recommend in 2019...


MatchedBets are fully recommended by us. Their service is great for beginners as they provide some of the best step-by-step offer guides available, their customer support is excellent and they have some great matched betting tools which have been developed in-house.

Starter Cost: £1 for 14 days (full access)


OddsMonkey are one of the biggest and most popular matched betting sites. They provide training, lots of offers and tools and a busy forum. The OddsMonkey free trial gives you access to a limited number of offers but is a good option to allow you to take a look around and see the service they provide.

Starter Cost: Free Trial (limited access)


Profit Squad are ran by the same company as MatchedBets. They are probably the best site to join if you are interested in casino offers as they list a huge number of them and have some very experienced staff and members who are willing to share a wealth of knowledge.

Starter Cost: £1 for 14 days (full access)


Profit Maximiser are another site which likes to focus a lot on casino offers. 

Ran by Mike Cruickshank, who has released a number of matched betting products, Profit Maximiser has been a popular choice for many matched bettors since launching in 2013.

Starter Cost: £1 for 14 days (full access)


Profit Accumulator are one of the most well-known matched betting sites online. They have a huge member base and have helped thousands of members make money from matched betting. Similar to OddsMonkey, you can join for free with limited access to take a look around and see what's on offer.

Starter Cost: Free Trial (limited access)


All of the matched betting sites above have a good reputation and plenty of happy members. You'll be able to make money by using any of the services and so it is generally a case of which site you are most comfortable at.

Try some of the above sites out, taking advantage of the free trials and the introductory offers. You can try all of the sites above out for a cumulative total of £3!