Matched Betting Is A Gradual Process


With everyone scrambling to make ends meet saving money has become an art. Some take steps at looking for ways to generate second incomes, like matched betting.

As in all second income streams, you can never invest as much time as you hope. Getting it right is not always as easy as finding a comprehensive pokie site in Australia, and having more than a few mobile slot games vying for your attention.

The Terminology You Need To Learn

But thanks to social media, accessing information is not like having to go to the library or going to school. All that’s needed is discipline.

Matched betting is a strategy of placing ‘back’ and ‘lay’ bets on an event, thus allowing you to win no matter what the result may be. All this while taking advantage of bonuses or free bets through different platforms or bookmakers.

Understanding the terminology is to guide you into knowing what you doing. You have to differentiate the different kinds of bets you can make – e.g. parlays vs accumulator bets.

How To Play The Odds

The vital requirement is understanding the odds, which means you need to know what different odds are used when betting, like moneyline odds versus wholesale odds.

Understanding the difference between a negative and positive odd on a bet will help you ascertain whether a bet is good or not. You will use this information to play against your selected bet to try and generate the best possible outcome.

There are calculators which are available to use to help estimate whether your bet will be a profit or a loss. You need not be an expert, yet this will require you to pay meticulous attention to succeed.


This strategy will require you to sign up for more than one platform, with numerous accounts. This not only allows you to access multiple free bets but have the opportunity to compare odds on multiple platforms.

Be diligent and keep track of which platforms are offering the same event, at what odds, and what wagering requirements will be required of you. This will require planning in advance before you make any bets, and a willingness to lose some cash to make gains as well. Remember to play with caution as this strategy is slow to show benefits from the first bet.

Different Between Arbitrage And Matched Betting

While matched betting required the bettor to take advantage of a bookmaker’s free offer, an arbitrage involves the calculation of regular odds.

Since they calculate possible outcomes from different bookmakers, arbitrage bettors will place the same bet just with different outcomes. In this way either bet will win, and the bettor will minimize losses from the event.

Both strategies of betting are frowned upon by bookmakers and could get you kicked out of their betting platforms. Progressive gains from both strategies are accumulative and would require patience and dedication before you can see the numbers you seek through accumulative earnings.


Many online reports will promise immediate gains, but this is not the case. This is a strategy that can be refined with time, bring in steady gains, and minimize your losses from betting. Remember to start small and be reasonable with your bets