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matched betting apps

There are matched betting offers to take advantage of every day. If you are a member of a matched betting site such as OddsMonkey or Profit Squad, you will have noticed that new offers get added to the sites throughout the day when they become available. This may not be an issue if you do matched betting full time and are at home in front of your PC for the majority of the day but for many of us, matched betting is a part-time income and we have other things to be getting on with throughout the day. Therefore, it's easy to miss certain offers and be unable to search for a close match close to the off of a specific horse race or sporting event.

One way to combat this problem is by matched betting on the move. Any good matched betting site should be fully optimised for mobile devices which means that you should be able to use the matched betting tools such as the Odds Matcher or search for new offers using your mobile phone or tablet. However, there is an easier way...

By using a Matched Betting App.

Apps in general make things a lot easier. You can often log into your account using a fingerprint scanner and the layout of apps is generally a lot simpler and more user-friendly than mobile website. As you are sometimes pushed for time when matched betting, the use of a matched betting app can make the process quicker, easier and more efficient which can result in better time management and ultimately, more profit.

So, what matched betting apps are available and what are the best matched betting apps?

Below, we'll be taking a look at 2 matched betting apps from the top matched betting sites, Profit Squad and Odds Monkey.

profit squad app

Profit Squad released their matched betting app mid-way through 2019 and it has since received impressive review scores on the App Stores. It's a free matched betting app which allows registered Profit Squad members to unlock advanced features which they can access through the Profit squad website.

One feature which sets the Profit Squad app apart from the competition are the features which are included for free to non-members of Profit Squad.

profit squad app
profit squad app
profit squad app

free features

Training Guides

If you are downloading a matched betting app then it's likely that you'll know the basics of how matched betting works. However, for those who don't, or would like to learn more, Profit Squad provides a number of training guides to help. There are also several guides showing you how the Profit Squad matched betting tools work which are available via the app.

Some of the available guides in the Profit Squad app include:

  • How Matched Betting Works
  • Using Betting Exchanges
  • Matched Betting Calculator Guide
  • Each Way Calculator Guide
  • Early Payout Calculator Guide
  • Casino Calculator Guide
  • Casino Offers
  • Understanding Blackjack
  • Understanding Roulette
  • Understanding Slots

Matched Betting Tools

The Profit Squad App features a number of different matched betting tools completely free. You don't need to be a member of Profit Squad to access these tools which makes it perfect for anyone looking for a matched betting calculator to use when on the move.

Free matched betting tools via the Profit Squad app include:

Matched Betting Calculator: A tool to help calculate the ideal lay stakes to use when matched betting. There are a number of different settings on the calculator such as:

  • Qualifying Bets
  • Free Bets
  • Bonuses
  • Bonus on Win/Loss
  • Free Bet on Win/Loss
  • Free Bet with Free Bet on Win
  • Enhanced Odds as Free Bets
  • Overlay/Underlay/Custom

Each Way Calculator: An excellent tool which is used to calculate the lay stakes for the win and place part of each way bets. Useful for when taking advantage of Extra Place offers.

Early Payout Calculator: A calculator to help determine the ideal lay stakes when an Early Payout has been triggered. Used mainly for 2 UP offers.

Casino Calculator: A simple casino calculator to determine the EV of casino offers. Profit Squad have one of the best advanced casino calculators available with this being a much more basic version. The advanced calculator is available once signed into the app.

Matched Betting Offers

This is where the Profit Squad app really excels as unlike other matched betting apps, Profit Squad actually give users a huge number of bookmaker and casino offers completely free! They even provide you with step-by-step guides showing you how to profit from each one.

Currently, there are around 30 bookmaker and 20 casino offers listed which are accessible to anyone who downloads the Profit Squad app. This gives users the chance to complete a number of matched betting offers and potentially make hundreds of pounds without the need for a paid matched betting subscription.

profit squad app reviews

PAID features

Members of Profit Squad have access to additional features of the app as you would expect. These are unlocked by logging into your Profit Squad account via the app.

By logging in, users get access to:

Additional Offers

There are hundreds more sports and casino offers to take advantage of in the members area of the Profit Squad app which are worth in excess of £1,000. Users also have access to daily reload offers which means that they're able to generate a profit from matched betting wherever they are by online using the tools and offers listed via the app.

Annual members of Profit Squad will also get access to a huge list of advanced casino offers which come with higher risk but bigger rewards given that the EV of these offers is generally very high.

Additional Tools

There are also a number of other matched betting tools available to members of Profit Squad. All of which are available via the app. Some of these additional tools include:

  • Horse Racing Matcher
  • Each Way Matcher
  • Each Way Dutcher
  • Rule 4 Calculator
  • Profit Tracker
  • Odds Matcher
  • Advanced Casino Calculator
  • Dutching Calculator
  • AccaBackers (Acca Tool)
  • Price Boosts Lists
  • Slots Database

The Profit Squad App is available via the:


Profit Squad provide an excellent matched betting app which gives users access to every tool and feature which is available on the desktop version of the website. There is also a very impressive amount of free content, tools and offers available to non-registred users which is extremely generous.

profit squad

£1 for 14 DAYS!

oddsmonkey app

OddsMonkey is one of the most popular matched betting services and released a matched betting app in 2019. It has received mixed reviews across the Google Play and Apple App Stores but in our opinion works very well.

There isn't nearly as much free content and features compared to the Profit Squad app which implies it is mainly directed towards OddsMonkey members but there are a number of calculators available for free which can be useful.

oddsmonkey app
oddsmonkey app
oddsmonkey app

FREE features

Unfortunately, there are no matched betting guides or offers available on the Odds Monkey App unless you are logged in. Non-registered users will however have access to the following matched betting calculators:

  • Standard Calculator
  • Early Payout Calculator
  • Dutch Calculator
  • Trigger Bet Calculator
  • Risk-Free Equal Profit Calculator
  • Unwanted Lay Calculator

paid features

Once logged into the app, you'll have access to a lot more features, including:

Odds Matcher: Quickly find close matches between a huge list of bookmakers and betting exchanges for a range of sports and events. Although the odds matcher via the app is a little bit fliddly, it does do its job.

Daily Offers: Perhaps the most useful feature on the app is the list of daily offers which are updated as they are added to the main OddsMonkey website. This list means that you should never have to miss out on a profitable offer when away from your PC providing that you have a mobile device with you and an internet connect.

Training Guides: There is a huge number of training guides available via the app which cover a wide range of topics ranging from getting started with matched betting to how to use the tools which OddsMonkey provides.

Forum: The OddsMonkey forum is a great resource of information and a place where you can ask questions and learn more. Thankfully, this feature is available via the OddsMonkey app, giving you access to all of the past and present threads that you would be able to access on a desktop.

Forum: The OddsMonkey forum is a great resource of information and a place where you can ask questions and learn more. Thankfully, this feature is available via the OddsMonkey app, giving you access to all of the past and present threads that you would be able to access on a desktop.

Missing features

New Customer Offers: For one reason or another, OddsMonkey have decided to leave out new customer offers and guides from the app. This may be because they expect users who have had some experience and who are likely to have completed the majority of the signup offers to be the main users of the app. However, with new bookmakers and sign up offers emerging regularly, it's a shame to not be able to find out about and access these offers directly through the app.

Additional Tools: Many of OddsMonkey's matched betting tools are unfortunately not available via the app. Useful tools such as the Racing Matcher, Tennis Matcher, Each Way Matcher, Dutch Matcher, Extra Place Matcher, Acca Finder and more are all online available via the OddsMonkey website.  


The OddsMonkey app is a nice addition to the service and will surely be used by many OddsMonkey members. However, there are a lot of tools and features which are available on the OddsMonkey website which aren't available on the app. This means that although the app is great for finding out about new daily offers and calculating lay stakes, it can't be used as a replacement for the desktop version.

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