Matched Betting after the Football Season

Matched Betting after the football season

With the 2018/2019 football season ending, many matched bettors will be considering cancelling their subscription to their matched betting sites.

After all, the majority of sports offers are based around football and once they're gone, what is left?

A lot actually!

Yes, the football season brings us profitable offers on a weekly basis but there are a lot of sporting events which take place during the summer which the bookies will be running promotions for and from which we are able to lock in a profit from.

Think of it this way - The bookies are in the same position as you. They want customers to continue betting with them after the football season has ended. They know that the majority of punters like a flutter on the footy and so will be forced to offer free bets and promotions on other sporting events taking place.

Below are some alternatives to football which should keep you out of matched betting hibernation until the season starts again in August.

horse racing

Although the football season is over, horse races will be taking place every single day and are a great option to shift your focus to. 

There are plenty of offers to take advantage of during the week with the Bet365 ITV 4/1 offer, William Hill's 2 Clear and many money back specials and extra places. 

Horse racing offers alone should be enough to convince you to continue with your matched betting membership throughout the summer considering the levels of profit which can be made.

Saturday brings out the most profitable offers with ITV televising a number of races. We will also see Royal Ascot and the Glorious Goodwood taking place over June, July & August which should bring out some decent offers.

I recommend signing up to a site like which lists all the latest horse racing offers and have dedicated horse racing tools such as their horse racing matcher and each way calculator.

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tennis tournaments

There are two major tennis tournaments taking place over the summer and we're sure that there will be many offers available for these from bookmakers such as MoPlay, William Hill and more.

  • French Open - Sunday 26th May - Sunday 9th June
  • Wimbledon - Monday 1st Huly - Sunday 14th July

If you haven't done matched betting on tennis before, there are some very important things to read up on. Notably, tennis retirement rules.

Tennis retirement rules differ between some bookmakers and betting exchanges and you should only back and lay a bet when the rules are the same between them. The same goes for if you are dutching tennis matches. Always make sure that every bookmaker or betting exchange have the same rules.

If you use bookmakers which have different rules then under certain circumstances, you could end up losing money.

international football

Wait. Isn't the football season finished??

The majority of league football is finished for the summer but there is international football scheduled.

Unfortunately, 2019 is a year where we won't see the Euros or a Men's World Cup but the Women's World Cup will be taking place from 7th June to 7th July. Bookmakers won't be pushing this competition as much as the Mens World Cup but we are likely to see some offers available, especially if England progress to the later stages.

We also have the final four matches of the Nations League to look forward to and with England remaining in the competition, we're sure to see some good offers emerge. 

Aside from international football, there are leagues in other parts of the world which run during the British summertime. The MLS season continues until November and so there may be the odd offer to watch out for there.


Bookmakers run a number of promotions during major golf tournaments of which there are two taking place during the summer months. 

  • The US Open - Thursday 13th June - Sunday 16th June
  • The British Open - Thursday 18th July - Sunday 21st July


There aren't many cricket offers from which you can lock in a profit but a lot of them have value. If you're a fan of advantage play offers then there will be plenty of them about in the run up and during the Cricket World Cup which takes place from 30th May to 14th July.

casino offers

If you haven't got stuck into casino offers yet, now might be the perfect time. Casino offers can be extremely profitable and although you won't make a profit on every one of them, if you keep track of your casino bets separately, you'll be surprised how much you can make.

Start with low-risk casino offers such as 'Wager £10 Get 10 Free Spins' or Wager £10 Get a £10 Bonus'. Make sure to check the T&C's of each offer for things such as wagering requirements and winnings caps which can have an effect on the overall expected value of the offer.

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