Liverpool v Tottenham Predictions

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It seems hard to believe that the end of the season is now just weeks away for the Premier League the pressure is mounting as teams scramble to secure the highest places they can. Some teams will be looking for a good rank whereas others like Liverpool have their eyes on the prize. takes a look at their upcoming match against Tottenham which takes place on the 31st of March to see who might have the upper hand.

Liverpool Form

What a season it has been for Liverpool and they are currently well within reaching distance of the title as they have the coveted first place position. However, the deal is not sealed at this stage as current title holders Manchester City are just behind them and gunning for a second title. They are the only two teams really in contention for the top two places, and the battle will rage on until the final game has been played. Currently the race could not be closer with a two-point difference between the teams, and naturally, both are going to be hoping for the three points from each game they play moving forward. Tottenham will not be a walk in the park, but the form of the reds has been spot on. Over the last six games we have seen a run of four wins and two draws, and not a single loss, which of course is one of the reasons they are able to reach for the trophy this season. It is a strong squad, and manager Jürgen Klopp will be pushing his men for a title win this time around.

Tottenham Form

Not only has the form of Spurs been not quite as good but they are also in a more significant battle to try and secure one of the top four places. With City and Liverpool comfortably predicted to take the top two in one way or another, that just leaves third and fourth. Now, this wouldn’t be so bad as Tottenham is already holding third, except for the fact that there are three other teams who can take the points and the places. It is therefore imperative that Spurs pick up as many points as possible to keep rivals Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea away from their ranking. There are just four points between them and sixth place Chelsea and the others are in there too, so it really is all to play for with 61, 60, 58 and 57 points each.

When it comes to their last six games, the story is not the best as the lost half of them. They did manage two wins, and a single draw, which was against fourth-place Arsenal so made no difference to the ranking of the two teams taking one point each. Liverpool is going to be a tough match for the side; no one wants to meet the top ranking team and especially this late in the season with the added pressure of securing a top-four finish.

Prediction - Liverpool to win 2-1