Is Matched Betting Worth Doing in 2021?

Is Matched Betting Worth Doing in 2021

For many years, the world of matched betting has enabled punters to take advantage of offers and differences in pricing on sporting events to make money. This is done regardless of the outcome of a game, because of how the bet is set up.

It is not easy, and you need to be fast, but the options were open for those looking to get involved. But what about the future of matched betting, is it worth doing in 2021?

The simple answer here is yes, though it is likely that even more work than before will be needed to find opportunities and put yourself in the best position.

As a beginner, first you need to understand what matched betting is, see the potential and also understand the flaws and what you need to do to pull this off.

With this information, armed with betting accounts, you can begin to find opportunities and bet.

The Number of Bookmakers to Use

If there has been something positive to come out of the last few years for those who participate in matched betting, it is the number of bookmakers out there to use.

Long lists of bookmakers such as those listed on shows just how many opportunities there are now available for people who want to open new accounts. The free bets gained from these new accounts are the best way for you to place matched bets.

When a new bookmaker arrives on the scene, they need to make a splash. One way of doing that is to create a big welcome offer, which new players can use. These are the offers that anyone thinking of matched betting should be on the lookout for.

As long as the net number of bookmakers remains the same or rises, and new ones come into the picture, matched betting will continue to thrive.

Matched Betting with Offers

As we have mentioned, matched betting with offers is the easiest way to get involved, and a way that is still open to players. This is where new players should look towards, and where the majority of matched bets will be placed even for experienced gamblers.

One of the reasons we have seen this type of matched bet stand out has been the rise of very specific offers from bookmakers. For example, rather than a standard welcome offer, they will offer big odds on a specific event to happen, such as a big team from the Premier League to win a game, which you can take advantage of.

Bookmakers are very wary with their prices, and don’t want to stand out from the crowd unless it is an offer, so the chances of matched betting without some kind of offer are now lower than ever before.

The Future Beyond 2021

The future of matched betting will always run hand in hand with how the industry looks. Providing there are a number of new bookmakers arriving each year, and the total number stays the same or grows, with each providing nice welcome offers, matched betting is here to stay.

However, a change to that, either with a decrease in bookmakers, or with offers decreasing or disappearing all-together, would certainly put the future of matched betting at risk.

That doesn’t seem likely to happen any time soon though, so whether you are an experienced gambler or someone brand new who wants to try matched betting, opportunities will be out there for you, next year and beyond.

Armed with betting offers and new bookmaker accounts, it is still possible to make your mark using this strategy.