An interview with Profit Squirrel founder Chris Haill

profit squirrel chris haill

Profit Squirrel launched in 2015 and have seen continuous growth since day one by providing a quality matched betting service with excellent guides, tools and support.

We had the chance to ask founder, Chris Haill, a few questions about Profit Squirrel, what they offer and what they have planned for the future.


Hi Chris. Thank you for taking the time to chat with us. Let us start off with you telling our readers a little bit about Profit Squirrel…

“Profit Squirrel is an online membership providing everyone with the ability to earn a guaranteed second income that’s completely tax-free. We provide step-by-step video tutorials and clever software to save people time on making money, so they can live more comfortably and finally afford the things they want. At Profit Squirrel, we truly believe that everyone deserves to unlock the opportunity to learn matched betting and stop having to worry about their personal finances. We’re here to help!”


How did Profit Squirrel first come about?

“Matched Betting was never easy to understand initially. I first started to use this method to generate cash online whilst studying at university. Eventually, I mastered all the elements and started to make a great amount of money. I had a tonne of friends across several universities asking me to teach and show them how it all works, but I just didn’t have enough time to teach everyone, so I decided to create bite-sized videos and short guides to help people understand how I was consistently earning a flexible income. I soon realised that there are millions of people who would value my expertise and knowledge in learning how to make money matched betting, so I created Profit Squirrel after graduating.”


It’s a competitive industry. What is it that Profit Squirrel does that is better than other matched betting sites?

“I’m genuinely really happy to hear that more people are becoming aware of Matched Betting. A recent statistic by the BBC highlighted that over 16 million people in Britain have less than £100 in savings, the more people learn Matched Betting the quicker we can help change the current financial situation people are facing. Profit Squirrel, is specifically designed with the newbie in mind, you don’t need any experience or qualifications. Not only do we have very high success rate but we also instil a mantra of ‘holding your hand and never letting go’. We make sure that all our members take as much value from their membership and profit as much as they possibly can. We also focus on the individual needs of our members, as a lot of people who learn matched betting have never placed a bet before so we make sure our team is here to help, even with the smallest challenges. Profit Squirrel is growing very fast, and we’re always looking for ways to strengthen our support channels to create as many touch points in order to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to make money online.”

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What features of Profit Squirrel do customers benefit from the most?

"Our website is developed by matched betting experts, everything we teach is very systematic and easy to learn. The feedback we've been receiving is great, especially around the design and learning process we have outlined in the custom member's area. From a technical aspect, members really enjoy using our video content and software. Members like the idea that our videos explain everything is really simple terms and at a pace that makes people learn and earn fast. Our software is the best for matched betting, no delays, no bugs, running perfectly 24/7. We also introduced 'one-click' advanced calculators to simplify everything. Check out all the features on our home page, we simply keep on adding more value for new and existing members."

You offer live chat support on top of regular email support which is great. I think it would be fair to say you focus a lot on support and training for your customers. Would this be correct?

"Absolutely. Imagine the day you found out about a concept that involves bookmaker websites, but what you teach is completely risk-free, tax-free and 100% legal. Sounds pretty strange right, almost too good to be true? That's why we do everything possible to avoid doubt and make sure that everyone that joins our membership is equipped with everything they need. Members who joined on our annual plan are also rewarded a significant saving (compared to the monthly plan) and receive a free 30 minute 1-2-1 session. Our mission is to help everyone in Britain have the ability to learn something new and guarantee they'll make profits."

What does the future hold for Profit Squirrel? Do you have any plans for further development?

 "We've been helping members for a few years now and don't see any signs of slowing down, growth has been exceptional and we want to continue to push the limits. We recently added the ability for members to collect 'Acorns' whilst they Squirrel away profits on a daily basis. The more acorns you accumulate, the higher the chances are to win prizes, enter into raffles, receive special benefits, discounts on membership and lots more. Additionally, we're currently refining our matching software to make it even faster."

"Our ultimate goal is to raise the national average income levels in the UK, we strongly believe that everyone should have the ability to earn a steady second income in their spare time. We're working on some big things at the moment! From small acorns, mighty oaks trees will grow. Watch this space!"

A big thank you to Chris for taking the time to speak with us today. If you wish to check Profit Squirrel out for yourself, you can do so by clicking on the button above or by reading our in-depth Profit Squirrel review.