Interview with OddsMonkey founder Paul King

Today we got to chat with OddsMonkey founder Paul King who answered some of our questions on their matched betting service, the companies new tools and their plans for the future.

OddsMonkey began in 2011 providing odds matching software and was later developed into a fully operational matched betting service in early 2016. They have grown to become of of the biggest matched betting sites around and have recently developed some exciting new features with more just around the corner.

Hi Paul. It’s great to talk to you today. Could you tell our readers a bit about OddsMonkey.

OddsMonkey is a software and training website that makes the process of matched betting easy.  Matched betting is a great way to earn some extra, tax-free cash and OddsMonkey helps all kinds of people learn how it works and how to do it easily using our software.”


OddsMonkey has grown to be one of the biggest matched betting sites. How did it all begin?

“Matched betting has existed for well over 15 years but when I first discovered it around 7 years ago it used to be quite an awkward and time-consuming process. This was the main reason I decided to develop a piece of software that could make the process easier. I worked as a software developer and started programming a new tool, which is known today as the OddsMonkey Oddsmatcher. The OddsMatcher analyses betting odds from over 100 bookmakers and betting exchanges and automatically highlights the best opportunities for matched betting which significantly streamlines the process.”

“A year after starting development of OddsMonkey, it was ready to launch in August 2011. Back then, I ran OddsMonkey in my spare time and focussed on the software tools, not offering any real training or support on how to matched bet.”

“In April of 2016, OddsMonkey relaunched as a full matched betting service, after I teamed up with some matched betting experts. Since then, we’ve worked hard to provide a full training and support service to matched bettors of all experience levels.”

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There’s a few other matched betting sites around. What makes OddsMonkey stand out from the rest?

“We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and industry-leading software. We have a 100% no-quibble, 30-day money-back guarantee, so people can try the service out and see if matched betting works for them. We’ve also assembled an excellent support team made up of people who are passionate about helping our customers earn as much money as possible, using our tools, training and techniques.”

“Our software was the first OddsMatcher, and we have now supplemented this with many other software tools. We offer more tools than any other matched betting service and all for one flat monthly fee that is cheaper than any remotely comparable service. Value for money is hugely important to us.”

“I believe the quality of our training videos is also superior to any other matched betting website.”

“We have also worked closely with Betfair and are now the only matched betting website where you can place lay bets directly from the OddsMonkey website, therefore simplifying the process even further and saving our customers more time.”


You’re developing new features all of the time. Which feature would you say benefits your customers the most?

“I’d be torn between software and support, but I’ll say Support and Training – specifically the free 1-2-1 online training sessions that we offer to all new Premium customers. Matched betting can seem very complicated when you first discover it and having the option to ask one of our experts any questions you have and for them to share their screen and walk you through the process can be invaluable.”


Can you give us a sneak-peak into what the future holds for OddsMonkey and its customers?

“It’s been an absolute roller-coaster over the last 16 months since we relaunched. We’ve had to grow our technical and support team very quickly to ensure that we continue to offer excellent customer service and continue to develop existing and new tools.”

“Having just launched Betfair Integration, our development efforts are now focused on our next big software tool release which should be with you within the next 2 weeks I cant say anything more specific at the minute but it will, again, make matched betting even easier for newbies and experienced users, alike. We’ve been testing it internally over the last few weeks and we’re very excited about it!”

“We also have more ideas for new software products and we’re planning on setting up a regular webinar that we’ll use to help our customers even more by answering their questions and sharing our knowledge and experience.”

Thanks for Paul for taking the time to talk to us today.

You can sign up for a free trial at OddsMonkey which will allow you to test their service out for yourself and make around £50 completely risk-free. Click the button below to check them out.

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