Interview with RebelBetting founder Björn Leyonberg

RebelBetting Björn Leyonberg interview

RebelBetting is one of the most well known sports arbitrage services which provides customers with both 'Sure Bets' and 'Value Bets'. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to talk to RebelBetting CEO and founder Björn Leyonberg to ask him some questions about RebelBetting and sports arbitrage betting.

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Hi Bjorn, thanks for taking the time to have a chat with us. For those who haven’t heard of RebelBetting or are unsure of exactly what it is, could you tell us a bit about the company background.  

Hi Rob, thanks for having me. RebelBetting was founded back in 2007 by two programmers and two professional poker players. Back then, the existing services that offered sports arbitrages were of very poor quality to say the least. We strongly believed that we could do it a whole lot better, and we did. We were the first company in the sports arbitrage business that were completely transparent about the company behind the product, who we were, pictures of us, where we had our offices etc. This not only pushed us to work harder, as everyone knew who we were, it also built a good amount of trust between us and our customers.

Since we launched our first public version of our service 2009, we’ve had over 120,000 customers from over 140 countries. It’s been an awesome ride, and still is! We constantly work on improving our services and also to develop new smart betting products. We launched the new ValueBetting service in October 2018 which has been a huge success so far. And in just a few days, May 9, we’re launching a brand new, mobile friendly, web version of ValueBetting. I think this will be a game changer.

RebelBetting offers three services, Sure Betting, Value Betting and Matched Betting. What are the differences between these services and why should people join? Please could you give us a breakdown of how each service works?

All services are great ways of earning money on sports betting, but they differ from one another in a few important ways. A more detailed comparison between sure betting and value betting can be found here.

  • Sure betting (or sports arbitrage trading)

    • You cover all outcomes of a match, by placing two or three bets on the same match but with different bookmakers. You win every time no matter the result of the match.

    • Steady and substantial profits every month.

    • Very little or no risk involved. Almost no variance.

  • Value betting

    • You bet on a single overpriced odds, that is higher than the true probability, on one outcome of a match.

    • The easiest way to make money on sports, with substantial profits over time.

    • Carries inherent risk and variance. You must be prepared for downswings, but since the bets you place have a positive expected value, you will profit in the long run.

  • Matched betting

    • A way to profit from the bonuses, free bets and other incentives offered by bookmakers.

    • Great way to build your initial bankroll before getting into sure betting or value betting.

We offer a wealth of deeper information about both the methods and our products on our website and community.

What is your target customer and who would be interested in RebelBetting?

We’ve had customers ranging from 18 years old up to the late 60’s i believe. No prior sport knowledge is required, but of course it helps. I would say that the average RebelBetting customer is 20-30 years old, fairly interested in sports but not necessarily a sports fanatic and wants to make a nice extra income by outsmarting the sports betting industry.

What are the current prices for each service? Is there an all-in-one package available?

All RebelBetting products are subscription based. Users also have the option to subscribe for a longer period for a discounted price. You can find all prices at our website.

For those who have never done arbitrage betting, how easy is it and what kind of training & support do RebelBetting provide to users?

There’s no such thing as a free lunch - if you’re new to sure betting it will require some time and effort. But I challenge you to find a more profitable investment of your time. On average, our customers are up and running within 10 days. 10 days of learning the ropes and you can get over 100% annual return. Over 10% per month in average returns of their total investment. You can estimate how much you can make by playing around with the numbers yourself using our sure betting profit calculator, as well as the value betting profit calculator.

We try to educate our customers as much as possible. We want our customers to make as much money as possible. If our customers aren’t making money, we’re doing something wrong. (But as we’ve been in the business for over 11 years, we must be doing something right. 🙂 )

  • When signing up to our newsletter, you get a free e-book explaining the basics and what you need to know before making your first sure bet. A more extensive e-book is also available where you get deeper insights, checklists for successful arbing, tips and tricks of the trade etc. The complete version of the e-book is bundled with all subscriptions.

  • The support portal is a great resource to start at if you have any questions.

  • We have a live chat on our site that is pretty popular.

  • At the RebelBetting Community, our customers help each other.

  • The Arbitrage Training Course is also available for those who want a more hands on educational course.

  • Last but not least, we have an awesome email support if you need one-on-one assistance.

Can RebelBetting users make a full-time income from your service or is it a way to make money in your spare time?

We know a few that are pocketing a full-time income by doing this, but it is important to note that it then will be a full time job. I would say that the majority of our customers do this on the side, for a nice part-time income.

Matched bettors are usually advised to avoid arbs for account preservation reasons. Do many RebelBetting users have their bookmaker accounts restricted or closed? If so, what precautions do the team advise to prevent this?

Limited bookmaker accounts is something you will need to get used to when sports arbitrage betting. We cover this topic in several resources. In the e-book and on our website, for instance here. We have customers that have been successful arbitrage traders for years, so there are ways around it.

Is RebelBetting a software package or are there web-based versions available for users?

All services (sure betting, value betting and matched betting) are available as a software. And on May 9 we will release our brand new web-based value betting service which we really look forward to.

The software and the web-based versions have their own unique strengths, so it is a matter of preference which one you choose.

There are quite a few sport arbitrage services available. Why should someone go with RebelBetting over a competitor?

We pride ourselves of having the highest data quality in the industry (not dependent on any third party provider) and being the most easy service to use.

  • Our software products is equipped with our unique AutoSurf technology, which offers the quickest most easy way to bet. The AutoLogin automatically logs you in to your bookmaker accounts, and the AutoSurf automatically takes you to the correct betting page on the bookmaker. Many times it even adds the bet to your betslip This means you will have more time to bet on arbs that would be impossible to bet on using other services, which in turn means you can maximize your income.

  • With the soon to be released web version of ValueBetting you’ll be able to bet on the go, from anywhere using just your mobile.

Finally, our readers are familiar with matched betting, how does RebelBettings matched betting service compare to others on the market and how do you feel it fits in alongside your other services?

Focus for us recently has been almost entirely on our new ValueBetting products. Our matched betting product, simply called MatchedBetting, will be getting an overhaul the coming months. It is currently priced at only €9 per month, which I feel is a fantastic bargain for what you get. Our matched betting product not only finds matched bets between a bookmaker and an exchange, it also finds matched bets between two bookmakers as well. I think this is advantageous as we can find matched bets with higher retention rate than many other services. At the other hand, we don’t help find the bookmaker bonuses as much as other services might do - but we have an action plan for that as well. 🙂

Exciting times lie ahead, even after more than 11 years online!

Rebel Betting

Try Rebel Betting Today for free

Visit Rebel Betting to get access to their on-board e-course, the free version of the Rebel Betting software and exclusive tips and tricks to help you succeed in Arbitrage Betting.