In-Play Betting

in-play betting

In-play betting has become extremely popular and as online betting has developed, we're seeing a huge number of in-play markets emerge at bookmakers and exchanges which are available to bet on during events.

As in-play betting has grown more popular, bookmakers have started to offer a number of promotions on live markets. The majority of these offers require the same matched betting methods as for pre-match bets but there are are a few things you should know in order to extract the most value from these offers.

The main difference you'll notice between betting pre-match and in-play is that the odds fluctuate a lot more frequently in-play. Before the event has started there are fewer reasons for the odds to change. They may do if a large amount of money is placed on a team to win or if a team has a lot of injuries. However, during an event, there are a lot more actors that can effect the odds. For example, if a goal is scored in a football match, the odds on that team winnings the match will shorten instantly or if there is a red card, the odds of that players team will drift. Any of these factors can come into play at any time which makes it difficult to place both our back and lay bets without the odds changing for which we have used to calculate our stakes.

How to back & lay in-play

The problem we have when backing and laying in-play is that we need stable odds to calculate the ideal lay stake to use when backing and laying our bets. If the odds are changing fast, they could change before we can place both bets which could mean that we end up losing money.

The solution?

Wait until half time to place your bets.

Whether you're placing a qualifying bet or using a free bet, waiting until half time is your best option as there are less factors which contribute to the odds changing. During half time there can't be any goals scored, there can't be any red cards and so the odds should be a lot more stable. 

What about other sports?

Sports other than football may not have a half time. However, there is usually a break in play of some sort which will give you the same opportunity to place your back and lay bets while the odds are more stable.

For example, for tennis matches, you can place your bets between sets. Players are given a 90 second rest between end changes and a 2 minute break at the end of a set. This should be enough time to find and place your bets given that there are less available in-play markets compared to some other sports such as football.

For Cricket, wait until a break between innings which is quite a long period. For American Football you can either wait until half time or for the 2 minute break between quarters.

It's a good idea to start looking for close matches before the break to give you an idea of which markets to keep an eye on. Providing no major events occur before the break, it's likely that any close matches you find will remain during the break.

Where to find in-play betting offers

There are usually a number of in-play betting offers available each week. The majority of them will be for football matches and so will be available either over the weekend or when the are matches taking place in the Premier League or other popular leagues & competitions. You'll find all of the latest offers available on matched betting sites such as Profit Squad and MatchedBets who we have found post the offers as soon as they become available.

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