The Importance Of An Acca Finding Tool

The Importance Of An Acca Finding Tool

There are plenty of acca insurance offers listed by bookmakers at the moment. If you have not come across them before, they usually offer a refund as a free bet when exactly one selection of your accumulator bet loses. Most of the offers require five or more selections, though there are some that have a minimum of six selections.

These can be beneficial to us as the opportunity to earn a free bet means we can guarantee a profit in some cases. When completing the offers, an automatic acca finding tool like MatchedBets AccaBackers can be crucial in allowing you to keep regular profits coming in week on week.

Before the introduction of tools like this, there was a need to fill in an often complex spreadsheet for each accumulator. As this was messy and difficult to keep up with, it was often hard to track how much profit you had made and there was even the odd chance of missing a lay bet.

With an acca finding tool, selections will be automatically found for you within a few seconds. This not only saves you so much time, as you will not have to manually look through each bookmaker site, but it also allows you to maximise profits. This is due to the fact that the tool will find the best value selections for each bookmaker.

Terms Considered

The tools will always be programmed with the terms and conditions for each offer. For example, the minimum odds for each selection in the William Hill Acca Five Insurance offer are 1.2, and the tool will take this into consideration and not give you any selections that are shorter than these odds, so there is no need to worry.

With the example of the MatchedBets AccaBackers, if you wish to manually change a selection then you can simply click the swap button and chose a different game. The Estimated Value for the acca will update automatically. There is also the option of 4 different profit making methods, which are; Sequential Lay, Lock In, No Lay and Lay at Start. Each will be explained in full on your chosen premium matched betting site.

Without a tool, you will need to fill in a different spreadsheet each time as well as finding all of your selections manually. With matched betting tools becoming so advanced, signing up for a premium membership with a site that has an acca finding tool is pretty much a must, and they make profiting from acca insurance offers so much easier.

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