A Guide: How to Use Matched Betting at Live Casinos

matched betting live casinos

When you’re promised thousands of dollars, the most common question is if it’s legal? It’s a fair and honest question. The reality is that matched betting is entirely legal. There’s nothing wrong with making money from the free bets that bookmakers give to their consumers.

Are you thinking of using this strategy on your next visit to a live casino? Then, you may want to learn how to use it first. Read on below for some of the crucial information you know before gambling in casino games.

Get to know Matched Betting

Matched betting is a technique that generates profit using free bonuses and free bet promotions offered by betting casinos and websites. Most betting websites on the market offer these so that new customers would place these free bets.

Regular punters, even experienced ones, usually use these bonuses and use them as intended. But, with matched betting, you would cover all outcomes of the event to ensure that one of your bets will win. You can ensure that you’re making a profit in every free bet you receive. 

How does it work?

Open an account with two or more bookmakers or betting exchanges; at least one of these websites should offer free bets. To further explain, the following would better clarify the concept of matched matching:

Back Bets 

Back bets entail that you’re wagering for a particular outcome to come to life. For example, “I bet that the Korean player in the live Blackjack will win the match.” If this bet comes true, you’ll win your wager and the earnings you can get. However, if your punt doesn’t come true, you will lose your stake. You can place this bet at any reputable online live casino.

Lay bets

There are also types of bets that wager on the opposite, and these are lay bets. For example, “I bet that the Korean player won’t win the match”; is a lay bet. If the Korean player draws or loses, you’ll win the bet. 

In matched betting, you are betting against yourself at the same odds. You will need at least two accounts to achieve this when playing at an online casino. You are canceling the risk of not earning profit by using the free bet given to you, and you’ll place the first ‘real money bet’ using the free bet awarded to you. In simple terms, you are ‘matching’ your wagers.

Matched Betting Tips

Matched betting works if you know how to stick to the rules and how clever you can be with strategically betting in live casinos. When playing Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, etc., you will need the following matched betting tips and tricks:

Use a matched betting calculator.

A calculator allows casino gamblers to determine how much profit they can make, the liability, and if the odds are worth the risk. Many websites offer this calculator.

Use all of the free bets!

Take advantage of all the offers that live casinos give you! These include free sign-up offers, free bets, daily gambling bonuses, money-back promotions, etc. These are essential if you want a guaranteed profit when engaging in free matched gambling.

Open multiple accounts.

Be sure to sign up with multiple bookmakers. Please don’t be shy when doing so since it’s how you will take advantage of the free bet options on the market. Indeed, you will only need one account when exchanging bets. However, matched betting urges multiple accounts for multiple bonuses.

Do your research.

Take your time. Do your research, your homework, and your investigation. Learn and understand the different and best back and lay odds online. Before signing up with a live casino, be sure that you know everything to understand in betting.

Do your research about how to play live casino games too. When playing, you also have to understand how the game works to ensure that you can make an educated bet. Avoid blindly betting just because you have learned how matched betting works. It would help if you also understood the ropes of casino games.

Risks Explained

Gambling, in general, carries its risks and advantages. It’s why many gamblers create strategies to ensure their win. Indeed, there would be minimal risks in matched betting since you’re measuring every possible scenario. However, it still has its risks since it is gambling.

Risks occur when mistakes happen. Gamblers should double-check every possible thing they do in a live casino. They should follow each step meticulously to avoid trouble. If you tend to forget certain things, writing them down might help. 

Additionally, there would be instances in which free bets won’t come through. It can be pretty frustrating waiting, but be patient and abide by the promotion’s terms of use. 

Final Thoughts

Playing at a live casino can be frightening, especially for a first-timer. Although most websites are easily usable and satisfy user experience, most novices still don’t know how to maximize the profits they can get from free bets and bonuses. 

Thankfully, there is matched betting to ensure that you can double or triple down on your bets. You can now have a better outlook when betting in slots, online roulette, blackjack, etc.