How to Register W88 Betting Account Within 1 Minute

How to Register W88 Betting Account Within 1 Minute

Having a W88 is necessary because it helps you to play online betting quickly and easily. If you do not know how to register an online account at the W88, please read the instructions below:

Step 1: Visit W88 home page

Nowadays, it is not very difficult to build a website and use it for different purposes. One of them is to steal your personal information and your money in your bank account. 

Taking advantage of the fame and prestige of the W88 dealer, in these days there are a lot of fake and fraudulent online website. Therefore, the first thing to register an account on W88 is to find a reputable w88 access link.

There are links that will take you to the home page. If you click the link that takes you to the home page of the W88 betting site, look at the top right corner of the screen. Click on “register”. At that time, the screen will display the registration table, then proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Giving your information

Personal information, contact information are required to register an account on our website, it is easy for us to manage the member correctly. Therefore, the information requires honesty, clarity and detail. We always ensure strict security and tightening of customer information, so players are completely assured to fill out the real information without worrying about disturbing from others.

Email Address: This is the first information that is also important. Your email is used for the dealer to send the necessary information (promotions, interesting tournaments, interesting games, etc). It also helps you recover your account when you forget your password.

Phone number: Include your country code + phone number. The phone number is used for us to contact the player to support urgent cases. 

Currency: You will not be able to exchange currencies once you have completed your registration. Currently, W88 only supports Vietnamese customers using VND currency.

Full name: Full name, need to match the cardholder’s name registered with the bank to easily Deposit, Withdraw money on our website. 

Note: you cannot withdraw money when the registered name does not match the registered bank card holder’s name.

Date of birth: Need to match the date of birth on the identity card as well as information registered with the bank. 

Note: We only accept players with age older than 18 years. Plus, making sure you are not cheating because we will verify again.

Username: The name you use to log in on website. This section can be given a nickname that is not necessarily a real name.

Password: is used to log into the website. 

Note that the password must include letters and numbers to ensure the security of the account. Avoid choosing relevant passwords that are easy to guess, like birthdays, and never give passwords to other people.

The fields marked * – that is required and the rest without * will not need to fill out, review the information carefully and click “JOIN”

Step 3: Confirm 

After completing step 1, step 2, continue to press “Join” to complete the account registration process on the W88. Also, check your e-mail inbox and hit the link to confirm your registration.

Step 4 (optional): Check out promotions for new members

We offer many promotions for new players. Therefore, when registering successfully, players will have the opportunity to receive valuable gifts such as:

  • Welcome promotion up to 4 million
  • Receive 1,000,000 once upon first deposit
  • 20% bonus for new members
  • Register and confirm successfully is the opportunity to receive immediately VND 90,000


Hopefully, with the information mentioned above, you can create your account easily. Do not forget to visit our website regularly to not miss any promotions as well as any attractive games. Let’s join us and experience our best service.