How to make money with restricted betting accounts

How to make money with restricted betting accounts

One repercussion of matched betting can be having your betting accounts restricted. This usually means that you are either unable to participate in promotions or your account is stake restricted so that you can't place bets above a certain amount which can also mean that you are sometimes unable to qualify for offers or able to take full advantage of them. 

Having your accounts restricted can be frustrating as you are essentially missing out on profit from the offers which are available at the bookmaker or casino. Despite taking action to reduce the chances of having your accounts restricted, it is fair to say that it is something that all matched bettors must come to terms with and move on when it happens.

However, restricted accounts are not dead and buried and can be used in other ways to generate a profit which is what we'll be looking at in this article.

Casino & Games offers

You're more likely to be gubbed because of taking advantage of too many sports offers than casino offers and when this happens, you're often still eligible to claim promotions in the casino or games sections of the betting site should they have them. Casino offers can return a lot of profit despite not being guaranteed and many of them come with minimal risk. Just remember to check that you are eligible to claim casino offers before you wager and that the offers which you do have a positive expected value. You can use a casino calculator to determine the EV of an offer such as the one found at Profit Squad.

horse racing Extra places

When you are gubbed by a bookmaker, you can usually still qualify for extra place offers. There are a couple of bookies which are an exception such as Boylesports but you'll be fine with 99% of them.

Extra places can return good profits with minimal risk. As you won't make a profit every time from extra place offers, the key is to keep your qualifying losses to a minimum. You can use an odds matcher or horse racing matcher such as the one available at for this.

arbitrage betting (arbing)

Arbing is usually not recommended when matched betting but if you are already gubbed with a bookmaker then you may as well take advantage of it. Arbs are when the back odds at a bookmaker are greater than the lay odds at a betting exchange. By simply backing and laying a bet, you can often lock in a profit regardless of the result. The best thing about arbing is that no free bets or betting offers are required to make a profit. You can use any odds matcher to find profitable arbs and you may be surprised to find how many there are available throughout the day.

Each way arbing

As well as standard arbing, there are many profitable arbs for each way bets. Each way arbs are not as easy to spot from a quick glance as they involve comparing the back and lay odds for both the win part and the place part of an each way bet. However, many matched betting sites have an Each Way Matcher tool which does all of this hard work for you.


Dutching does not require betting exchanges as you are not placing any lay bets. Instead, you cover all outcomes by placing multiple back bets at different bookmakers. When the odds for each outcome are favourable, it's possible to lock in a profit. Although it's possible to find profitable bets manually, it's a lot easier to use a dutching tool for this. Several matched betting sites such as OddsMonkey provide dutching tools which you can use to find profitable dutching opportunities.


Having your accounts gubbed or restricted in some way is never a pleasant experience. However, by using the suggested methods above, you can see that they can still be valuable. Little profits can add up over time and so making full use of restricted accounts in any way you can can add to your matched betting profits and also allow you to learn some new methods whilst doing so.