How to create a 188BET account

How to create a 188BET account

Having your own account is very important because you can play and trade without relying on anyone. In addition, you can flexibly place bets at any time, and do not depend on charges from any agencies.

If you are looking for a betting guide to create an account at our website then this article will definitely bring you useful information. Signing up for a betting online account is the first step on the path to making money.

Step 1: Visit 188BET Gambling Site

The homepage will help players reach the most accurate registration. 

When playing with us, there are many types of casino games for you to choose. And if you are a fan of playing football betting, you have definitely heard about 188bet already.

Once you visit home page, look at the top right of the screen. Click the orange “Sign Up” button to get to the account creation form.

Step 2: Complete your information as required

Your username must be different from other people’s account. And you have to fill in personal information such as email address, country of residence, registered currency (USD or VND)

Email address: you have to use your own email address because you can receive many new letters about special offers, promotion. And it also helps you to reactivate your account when you forgot your password.

Username: need to contain 5-15 characters. This one should be different from others’ username. 

Password: password is 6-15 characters long, need to include letters (a-z) and numbers (0-9) to enhance your privacy and security.

Confirm password: re-confirm your password. 

Select Country of Residence: it is important for us to give you suitable support.

Currency: VND or USD

Confirm information: you have to be from 18 years old to register. 

There are also terms and conditions. Please read it carefully to not miss or break any regulation. Moreover, if you want to receive the latest news of 188BET, you have to tick the box to receive promotion information.

Please remember that when creating an account, you must fill in your personal information correctly. Because you will later win and withdraw money, your information at that time have to match the name you registered.

After completing the steps to fill in your information, you have successfully created an account.

Step 3: Deposit money to play

After completing the registration in step 2, you will receive a notification of successful account registration. To play betting on our website, you have to deposit money into the account you just registered.

In this step, you will do as follows: Click “Send Money”. After you have registered and deposited, you will not be able to play betting immediately. Now you need to transfer money to a sports account before making a bet.

Promotion for new members

We are currently offering a 100% first-time promotion for new members. After successful registration of 188bet account, you only need to make a first deposit order to participate in the promotion of 100% bonus of the first deposit up to 1,500,000 VND.

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