How online sports betting, eSports and iGaming are coming together in 2020

How online sports betting, eSports and iGaming are coming together in 2020

Online casinos and online betting are both thriving industries in their own right. But over recent years, providers have realised the benefit of bringing the two industries together.

Previously, it was more common to see stand-alone betting and casino sites. Perhaps they would link to each other, but those wanting to bet and play casino games would have to navigate to different pages. There were also other disadvantages to this situation. For example, a casino game player might not head to the partner betting site, but rather visit a competitor instead. This resulted in a loss of revenue as well as a decrease in brand loyalty.

Creating online synchronicity between betting and casinos

Realising the need for synchronicity, those providing games of skill and those of chance decided to forge stronger links with each other. This has evolved in two different ways.

Firstly, we are seeing an increase in the number of hybrid platforms. A growing number of operators are putting both betting and online casino on one site. This makes it easier for clients to gamble in a variety of different ways, without having to go elsewhere. With the increased popularity of eSports, placing eSports wagers in prominent positions on gambling sites has helped boost its reach.

This is a trend that we expect to see continue. More and more startups will opt for hybrid gambling platforms offering eSports, casino, slots, and sports betting, rather than just one or the other. Those established in the industry will work towards synchronising their offerings and branching out into other, previously untapped markets

For those where creating hybrid platforms is not possible, the second option is to present clients with their options in one centralised place. For example, there are a number of online casino review sites where prospective players are able to read detailed evaluations of some of the most popular names on the market. They can filter by their location and access a list of casinos and betting sites that offer their online services there. Key information is provided including ratings, payment methods, bonuses, and long-form reviews from users. 

For example, customers can see that Gaming Club Casino offers a double deposit bonus up to EUR 350, has a four-star rating, and has 10 different payment methods. They can also see that Casumo and Kaboo have won a VSO Gold Award. They are also able to click through to more detailed information about languages offered, device compatibility, and customer service support options.

By navigating to these sites, customers are able to get an overview of what’s on offer and whether the platform is any good before they go through the process of opening an account. Review sites are a great way to see what variety of gambling options are available and to make informed decisions about where to gamble. Instead of having to search for online casinos and sportsbooks, they can find them all listed on one site and then just navigate to them with a simple click.

The future

Over the next few years, it seems likely we will see an increase in platform sharing between betting, iGaming, and eSports betting providers. Customers are becoming increasingly conscious of their time, and demand is high for one-stop-shops. 

Review sites will also always have a place. As well as providing information on what’s on offer, they give gamblers valuable insight into whether a site will meet their needs and expectations.

Online casinos, table games, sports betting and eSports betting are getting more and more popular. Furthermore, a younger generation of gamblers is logging on. Not only do they want everything in one place or easily accessible, but they want a more diverse range of options.

We can fully expect big eSports events to cement themselves in mainstream online gambling in the next few years. There is also a big cross over from eSports fans and those that like online video gambling such as slots and animated casino games. 

In order to meet the expectations of this new breed of gamblers, online gambling providers need to offer platforms that create synergy between all different types of gambling.