How Matched Bettors Can Ensure Their Online Security at Online Bookies

How Matched Bettors Can Ensure Their Online Security at Online Bookies

Due to the nature of matched betting, bettors will frequently find themselves navigating a large number of gambling websites. Considering money is at stake here, online security is paramount. After all, accounts holding your financial details can leave you vulnerable to exploitation. 

One of the first ports of call for bettors is the humble review site. It’s a good idea to find out what experts and other punters think of the most popular betting sites. This is also a great way to check the legitimacy of any unfamiliar sites you might stumble across. There are some great comparison sites out there where you can find all of the UK’s best sports betting sites in one convenient place. Betting sites are chosen based on trustworthiness and the best offers for customers.

Site Security

Once you’ve settled on a betting site that you’d like to try out, there are a few indicators you can look for to decide whether it is legitimate. First look at the website’s URL. The padlock sign or ‘https’ before the address both show that the site is secured with SSL encryption. If a betting site does not have either of these, then it is likely to be insecure or even a scam.

It’s also important to remember, as with any online account, to use secure passwords and usernames. Don’t repeat the same passwords for all of your accounts, and remember to update them from time to time. If someone gains access to one account, then they could easily gain access to more of your accounts. This leaves deposits vulnerable as well as your banking details.

For bettors who have amassed a large number of betting accounts, keeping on top of login details can become cumbersome. Password managers can help with this burden. There are a number of great password managers out there, which offer an array of functions to make your life easier. Two-factor authentication and synchronization across devices are both becoming increasingly common in online security.

Secure Payments

One of the most vital things to remember when considering online security is how you choose to pay. Check the terms of the betting site to make sure that your payment details are being looked after safely. As well as this, it is worth checking if there are any transaction fees or limits on how much you can withdraw.

In the past, bettors could have used credit cards to make deposits. However, the UK regulator has recently announced a ban on gambling with credit cards, which will come into effect on April 14th. Bettors will still be able use debit cards to manage their funds though.

Lots of people use a separate bank account for matched betting, in order to manage their spending and keep other important funds separate. This is also a good idea as far as your future spending accounts. Some banks don’t look too favorably upon betting, which can affect prospects on getting a mortgage. Separate accounts neatly side-step this issue. 

Alternatively, E-wallets like PayPal and Paysafecard are on the rise. These make transfers fast an easy. Users should keep an eye on fees and will need to check whether their betting account accepts these payment methods.

To VPN or Not to VPN?

For added peace of mind, an increasing number of matched bettors are resorting to VPNs for an extra layer of security. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. In the simplest of terms, a VPN allows its user to connect to the Internet securely and privately. VPNs are still regarded by some as a bit shady, but in truth they are perfectly legal. VPNs are used for a variety of reasons by businesses and individuals across the world, every day.

If you’re using a VPN while matched betting in the UK, with UK accounts, then legally you have nothing to be worried about. However, some betting sites have little tolerance for VPN users. If you want to use a VPN, then you should check the terms and conditions of your betting account first. Some operators will terminate or place limits on accounts that use VPNs. It is also not a good idea to try and bet abroad using a VPN, particularly if betting is not legal in that country.

The Bottom Line

The secret to online security is common sense. If a site looks dodgy or an offer looks too good to be true, then it likely is. The web is a great place to find out what other consumers think, so check up regularly on what specialist matched betting sites and other bettors are saying. Be smart when it comes to scams and learn the signs. Keep your financial information private and stay on top of your login details.