Give Online Casinos a Try

Give Online Casinos a Try

There is no better betting action than laying a sports wager and coming through with a win. However, is that the case? Sure, winning any sports bet is exciting but so can betting at online casinos where you can rake it in if luck, or skill, is on your side.

If there are no sports bets to your liking or the team you like to bet on has a day off of the sport is not in season then give an online casino a try, as you may find it just as thrilling. 

One of the aspects that dwarves sports betting when it comes to online casino betting is the number of wagers that can be made. It is common where the casinos will have thousands of titles in their library and there is no lack of options when it comes to slots for real money

Slots are the most popular games in any online casino and you will always find that they represent the lion’s share of the casino’s vast selection of games. Ok, so winning a sports bet is a major thrill but does that surpass hitting the winning combination on a slot game, which can have progressive jackpots big enough to change your life? 

While both online sportsbooks and casinos each have promotions, the ones for casinos can be more lucrative. The reason is that the competition between them is fierce, to say the least. Online casinos are always trying to outdo each other with bigger and better promos where you can line your pockets.

Free spins every Wednesday

Scatters is an online casino which has been making its mark in the iGaming industry since 2019. Their innovative risk-free deposit welcome bonus is just one of many features you will not find in other places. For example, their players are currently enjoying loads of free spins every Wednesday.

Midweek is not just about getting over the hump and getting closer to the weekend. Players are logging in on mass to deposit €20, €50, or €100 for which they are rewarded 20, 60, and 130 free spins, respectively. But it gets better.

There is no cap on the winnings and whatever you win is yours to keep. No pesky 35x wagering requirements on your winnings or such nonsense.

Big spins every Thursday

Over the years, the term free spins have come to be known under many different names. They may also be referred to as bonus-, boosted-, super-, and mega spins depending on the rules or value of the spins. Or even big spins.

Thursday big spins is a very popular promotion among high rollers at Scatters. If you are the type of player that normally wagers €1 per spin, this is the perfect offer for you because big spins are also played at €1 per spin.

With this offer you can actually boost the number of spins you play by up to 30 percent. Not a bad way to set yourself up for potentially big withdrawal just before the weekend. And these are just a couple of reasons why you should consider playing in an online casino.