Fun88 review betting on football and casino 2020

Fun88 review

Fun88 was established on June 1, 2008, is Asia’s most trusted betting site and is expanding its market in Europe. As one of the lawful bookmakers certified by Gaming Associates, received many prestigious awards from eGaming magazine. Betting Fun 88 has received many annual EGR awards from eGaming Review in 2009 and 2010. That alone is more than enough to evaluate the absolute prestige we can bring to the player.

As a bookmaker with a history of over 10 years, it is sure that there are countless outstanding advantages to please any discerning player in the world. Join us to find out more in this article.


Friendly interface:

Always care and take care of the customer experience even for the smallest elements. It is a guideline to bring about great success for this leading house in the world. With a friendly interface, currently designed by our talented engineers, all information and game interfaces are greatly appreciated to bring you the most satisfaction. Even if you are just visiting the site for the first time, you can find out for yourself and start playing right away with no hand held instructions.

Our website is under the professional management of leading experts. Therefore, the web interface is relatively stable, minimizing lag lag, even at peak times.

Absolute safety:

In addition to being strictly controlled from the leading gambling organizations in the world, Fun 88 integrates modern and advanced security security technologies to ensure the absolute safety of its players. You can be assured that all your information will be absolutely confidential. The House also pledges not to provide any third party with any purpose before any opinion of the player.

Diverse games:

Our strength is football, so here we gather all the big and small tournaments in the world with diverse and attractive bets to help players easily win. When coming to us, you will have the opportunity to experience a diverse and attractive betting game treasure.

In addition to football other sports such as: volleyball, basketball, horse racing, etc; or classic casino game types like poker, slot games, etc; to all eSport genres already integrated.

Many promotions and prizes:

We always bring special promotions to welcome new and old players. You can completely refer to the promotion information of these bookmakers to not miss the opportunity to increase the experience.

Especially for VIP members, we also have special offers to thank them for supporting the game over the years.

Quick withdrawal and deposit:

Withdrawals and deposits are also one of the next absolute strengths with multimodal support, so you can choose the most convenient method possible.

Multi-platform development:

When smartphone devices have become an indispensable companion of man. Fun 88 also shows its class when developing applications suitable for the times. In addition to PC you can easily download in iOS and Android repositories to experience our games.

Fun88 mobile applications have anything attractive?

Because you can fully experience all our products as the main website on the computer interface. Safe and fast. Greater safety for players as well as on the web. Easy to use, fast connection. Even people who are not technically proficient can use the application easily.


Our customer service team is always on hand to support and answer your questions in a dedicated, professional manner. Another advantage that attracts many players is 24/7 consulting service. Customers can contact the dealer through the following ways:

  • Chat online on website 
  • Call 
  • Send email 
  • Contact the Fn88pro – the agent in Thailand via Zalo or Line.


Hopefully, with the above evaluation information, you have equipped yourself with all the necessary knowledge to be able to enter this great level playing field. Good luck!