Forecasts and Tricasts in Betting

Forecasts and Tricasts in Betting

Betting on the winner or a race is the most common betting market. There are also a number of popular alternatives such as Each Way bets where half your stake is placed on the runner to win and the other half to finish in a place position. However, one type of bet which may appeal on certain events are forecast and tricast bets.

What Are Forecast Bets?

With forecast bets, you are backing two runners. One to win and the other to finish as the runner-up. Forecast bets can be a good choice if you are confident two runners are significantly better than the rest of the field or if there is a stand-out runner who you think stands a good chance of winning. Many bookmakers offer forecast and tricast betting such as the ones found on

There are a few different types of forecast bets which we will describe below.

Straight Forecast

A straight forecast is when you place a bet on a certain runner (or team, player etc) to win and another runner to finish in second place.

For example, you may place a forecast on Tiger Roll to win the Grand National and Many Clouds to finish second. The only outcome in which you would see a return is if these two horses finished in these positions.

Reverse Forecast

Reverse forecasts are similar but they give you a better chance of winning your bet.

With reverse forecasts, you again select two runners but these runners can finish in any order so long as one wins and once finishes as the runner-up.

Reverse forcasts can be a good option if there are two runners which you think are ahead of the field.

Combination Forecast

With a combination forecast, your selections again have to finish in first and second position but you’re able to select more than two runners.

You can add 3 or more selctions to a combination forecast bet and to win, any two of them need to finish 1st and 2nd.

When you place a combination forecast, you will be placing multiple bets. For example, if you added four selections, there would be 12 combinations of 1st & 2nd and so a £1 combination forecast would have a total stake of £12.

Similarly, if you added five selections, there would be 20 combinations of 1st & 2nd and so your total stake would be £20.

What Are Tricast Bets?

Tricast bets are very similar to forecast bets with the difference being that instead of predicting 1st and 2nd place, you are predicting 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Just like with forecast bets, you can place Straight Tricasts as well as Combination Tricasts. However, Reverse Tricasts are not possible.

Are Forecasts and Tricasts only for Horse Racing?

No, although they’re most commonly used on horse racing, forecasts and tricasts can be placed on a number of sports such as:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Rubgy
  • Gold
  • Formula 1