Can You Get Banned For Matched Betting

Can You Get Banned For Matched Betting

It is all fun and profitable for any punter doing matched betting on their favourite exchange site until they get the hammer from the operator. Can matching your bet get you banned from any sportsbook? Is this just a myth to discourage others from profiting out of the free bets? We answer both questions by looking into how bookmakers handle people who take advantage of their promotions.

What Does Getting Gubbed Mean with Matched Betting

Gubbing is a term for having a punter’s account banned or limited within an exchange. This term comes from receiving an email from an exchange site’s administrator, notifying you of your suspension. Notifications usually do not contain the word gubbing, but the messaging is similar across a majority of emails from a different online sportsbook.

Why would a bookmaker ban you from their exchange site? Operators do it to remove people who are decreasing their monthly income. A system among sportsbook platforms alerts operators of people who are winning much more than they are losing. Those who are caught taking advantage of the exchange site’s promotions are likely to get flagged.

Limited accounts can still place bets on all sporting events, but are no longer eligible for any promotion provided by the operator. Without the free bets, you cannot match your real money bets to remove the risk.

Top Tips To Avoid Getting Gubbed

Getting banned or penalized by an exchange site is a real concern for any punters. You can avoid getting unwanted attention from an operator by using the following tips.

Take the least pricey bets regularly

Being greedy by minimizing your loss to only 1% is one way to get the ire of a bookie. A smart way of avoiding getting flagged by the system while still making a profit is to look for matches that set around a 10% loss. While you might experience significantly lower profits, you can make up for it with more matched betting opportunities.

Make Your Matched Bets in Popular Markets

There is such a concept as hiding among the crowds when you bet on popular sporting events such as the Super Bowl, NBA Playoffs, or the Premier League. Matching your bets along with other punters can significantly lower the risk of getting spotted by the system. Avoid matched bets on niche markets such as the World Arm Wrestling matches as much as possible. Betting in these obscure matches can bring unwanted attention to your account.

Take Mug Bets

Operators highly value mug bettors or those who match their bet with real money and no promotional bonuses. Take note that you can still take advantage of an operator’s promotion after making some mugs. A good ratio is one mug bet out of three matched bets, which can keep your account green among exchange sites.

One more factor to consider with this tip is to avoid making mug bets that are smaller than your regular matched bets. Doing matched bets of $30 – $50 while taking $1 – $5 mug bets increases the risk of getting flagged by the platform. Mix it up by occasionally making large mug bets and low matched bets.

Avoid Max Stake Amount

One way of getting the wrong kind of attention from an operator matches betting the highest possible bonus amount such as making a back and lay bet of $30 since this is the max bonus limit. Instead, go for a middle amount of around $20 – $25 if the promotion is up to $30. Avoiding the max stake can help you avoid getting flagged by the sportsbook’s system.

Hit the slots

Does the exchange site also offer casino games or card rooms? Take them up on that offer and play some slots or blackjack after making matched bets. This tip is the same as making mug bets, helping you keep your account value to an operator.

A good way to get the most out of your casino experience is to take advantage of any promotions provided by the exchange site like free spins or deposit bonuses. Take note that these promotions have a wagering requirement where you need to bet winnings from free spins or deposit bonuses several times before you can withdraw them. You can increase your chances of profiting by finding games with a high RTP that lets you wager your bonus money.

How To Lift The Restrictions

There is still hope if your account happens to get gubbed by the operator that is penalized with restrictions instead of being banned. Exchange sites usually place a temporary restriction on penalized accounts. There are no set times as to how long the restriction remains, but some say that it lasts around one to two months.

Remember that if your account is only restricted from receiving free bets or other promotions, you can still make wagers with real money. Mug bets or spending money on an exchange site’s casino or card room can shorten the limitations on your account since you are providing value to the operator.

It is important to note that regularly putting down real money on an exchange is not a guaranteed way for an operator to shorten your restriction period. You can always do matched bets with other exchange sites while waiting for your limited account to be eligible for new promotions.

Maximizing your profits through matched bets can get your account banned or penalized from an exchange site. Following our tips such as taking mug bets or limiting your stake can help you match your bet within a sportsbook for a long time.