Are Potential Profit Offers Worth A Look?

Are Potential Profit Offers Worth A Look?

As we know, a huge part of matched betting is the fact that we know we will be guaranteed a profit no matter the outcome. This is through taking advantage of a free bet or a bonus on offer from the bookmaker. They are the cornerstone of matched betting, there is no doubt about that.

Though the guaranteed profit offers will ensure that you win, we also have the opportunity to benefit from potential profit offers, also known as Advantage Play. Claim all of the sign up offers first by using a premium site like Bonus Bagging, for which more information can be found in our Bonus Bagging review. Then once they are all complete, it is actually potential profit offers that can keep profits coming in over the long term.

When you have transitioned to reloads, guaranteed profit can be made from offers such as Free Bet Clubs, and we can use ‘Advantage Play’ on other offers to potentially have a big win. The reason these advantage play offers are worth looking at are because the odds suggest they will pay off in the long run.

The way they work is through placing a back bet with the bookmaker and a lay bet against the same selection at as close of a match as possible. This way, we will keep losses to an absolute minimum (or even make it risk-free), allowing us to play through the offer a number of times to potentially hit the refund, bonus or free bet.

Trust The Odds

Advantage play depends on the odds, and just how likely it is that the event needed to hit the refund will happen. As we will look to bet at bigger odds than the probability, the chances of making a profit over time are very good. Though Advantage Play does not usually show any patterns, you just really have to trust the maths to know that eventually you will make more money than the pennies you will lose in qualifying.

There are countless potential profit offers being promoted by bookmakers at the moment. One type is the ‘Money Back If’ offers. These take various forms and usually surround horse racing or football. An example here is Sky Bet’s money back if your horse finishes 2nd, 3rd or 4th. Here, you just need to place a £20 bet on a horse and you will be given a full refund as a free bet if your horse finishes 2nd, 3rd or 4th.

If you were to place your back bet and lay bet at a minimal qualifying loss each time, you will very likely hit the free bet refund over time, which you will be able to turn into a good profit. Other potential profit offer examples include Bore Draw Refund and 2 Up You Win.

Once you have transitioned to reloads, these potential profit offers can be crucial. There is very little risk involved, and you have the potential to win big.

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