A Definitive Guide to No Deposit Bonuses for Online Casinos in 2021

No Deposit Bonuses

The online gambling space is becoming a lot more saturated and competitive with every passing minute. Casino operators and enthusiastic opportunists understand that more and more people are hopping online to place their bets because of the pandemic. As a result, these casino operators are becoming a lot more aggressive at pursuing these potential depositors as well. And that’s why they’re trying to outdo one another with some of the most amazing promotions and generous bonuses to lure players onto their platforms.

Part of the reason why online casinos are gaining more and more prominence is the fact that the COVID-19 virus has really hit many parts of the world hard. This has led to many establishments having to close their doors in an effort to limit the gatherings of large groups of people. Of course, this renewed lifestyle has brought about a lot of stress and pressure on the lives of people. Many economies over the world are crumbling and a lot of people just want to look to blow off some steam. Casino games are always fun, but since there is an ongoing global crisis, people want to be smart with the handling of their money. Online casino operators understand this and that’s why they want to make it easier on the pockets of players by offering up these bonuses.

What is a No-Deposit Bonus?

To put it as simply as possible, a no-deposit bonus is effectively a free casino bonus. It’s a way for casino operators to get you to play their games without you taking any cash out of your pocket. With a no-deposit bonus, you just have to sign up for the online gaming platform and then that will entitle you to a certain bundle of cash that you can use to play on their sites. You don’t even have to make any initial deposits in order for you to play. You can just make use of the cash that the casino operator gives you. It’s free money.

The reason that no-deposit bonuses work is because they’re generous enough to whet the appetite of potential players but it’s not big enough to put these casino operators out of business. Of course, any business owner will tell you that handing out free money isn’t a good way to do business sustainably. But these no-deposit bonuses are designed to get players hooked on the platform so that they end up becoming loyal patrons to the website. But it’s not all bad. The customer also gets a comfortable head start to play with because of these bonuses. It’s almost like a win-win situation.

Typically, these no-deposit bonuses are relatively low in value. A player would eventually need to top-up in order to continue playing for the long-term. They also offer you the opportunity to get a taste of playing online without having to put up your own cash.

How to Claim a No-Deposit Bonus

It all truly depends on the casino itself. Some casinos will offer bonuses upfront from right when you sign up on their platforms. Others will require you to like their social media pages or sign up for a newsletter. The specifics are different from casino to casino, but the general idea remains the same. You don’t have to shell out any cash in order for you to be eligible for a bonus.

The Top No-Deposit Bonuses in 2021

  1. PlayAmo Casino: 50 Free Spins
  2. PlayFortuna Casino: 50 Free Spins
  3. Roxy Palace: 50 Free Spins
  4. 888 Casino: £88 Free
  5. Jackpot City: £300 Free

Be Careful

The last thing you need to keep in mind with these bonuses is that they may come with certain caveats. For example, some casinos will only pay the cash back to you over time as you keep on playing with them. They don’t necessarily offer all of the cash up front. So be wary!