Matched Betting Site Reviews

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We have tried and tested the most popular matched betting sites and given our independent and honest reviews of them all. When we review a service there are various factors we take into consideration such as the cost, features, offer guides, tools, usability and the support.

Our overall scores represent a combined score for various individual factors and so you may find some sites might excel in one department but fail in another. Read through some of our reviews to find a matched betting site that is right for you.

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A review of the Rebel Betting Arbitrage Betting Software

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What goes into our matched betting site reviews?

The basic principles of matched betting do not change but there are differences in the sites which teach matched betting and provide the tools to make matched betting easier, quicker and more profitable.

When we write our matched betting site reviews we take a look at various factors which include :

The cost

Everyone likes to pay less but do you get what you pay for when choosing a matched betting site? Not nessesarily. Subscription costs vary from site to site and just because a matched betting service charges more doesn't mean that they provide more value than lesser priced services. In fact, we have found that many of the inferior sites actually charge a higher subscription fee than the top sites.

The majority of subscription costs are between £10 to £20 per month with many around the middle of those figures. We haven't found a matched betting site worth signing up to that is priced above £18 per month taking into consideration what is currently out there for under this price.

Tools & Features

Matched betting sites make matched betting easier and quicker by providing tools which speed up the process. For example, you can trawl the bookmakers and the exchanges to find good matches but why would you when these sites provide an oddsmatcher which finds then in seconds?

There are various tools about and various versions of them. For example, oddsmatcher updates in real time and OddsMonkey have integrated Betfair Exchange into their users accounts. We review each tool that each site offers and compare them to similar tools on other sites.


If you're new to matched betting support is essential. A good support team and methods of communication provide a valuable resource for users to seek assistance when needed. Even if you are an experienced matched bettor you may still have questions at times.

Along with the knowledge and response time of the support team we take into account the methods of contact such as email, forum telephone and live chat support.

Usability & Offer Guides

Matched betting can be confusing when first starting out and so it is essential for matched betting sites to provide clear instructions and guides on the individual offers and matched betting in general.

Taking all of these factors and more into consideration we score each site on each factor and determine an overall score.

While a matched betting service may be best for one person doesn't mean it is the best choice for everyone. Most matched betting sites provide a free trial. We recommend signing up to more than one and testing out their service to see which one you feel is right for you.