Online Casinos for South Korean Players (카지노사이트)

Online Casinos for South Korean Players

An online casino, sometimes also a virtual or internet casino, is an Internet version of a classic stone casino. It provides players from all over the world to play all gambling via computer, mobile or any smart device using an Internet connection. This allows people to play casino games from the comfort of their own home, on the road, or anywhere else. 

While the rules, payouts and games offered are in most cases the same as in classic stone casinos, the great advantage of internet casinos is that many games can be tried out for free before making a payment. This allows the players practice their strategies so once they depose their money, they have a greater chance of succeeding at the game. Check some tips on how to win here:

Not all countries, however, have the same rules for playing. Certain virtual casinos offer gamblers with better average returns to their players. This step works like a very good casino advertisement. One of the advantages over a classic casino is that you can try most of the games for free, so you can easily practice your winning strategies, which are an essential part of successful gaming.

Casinos in South Korea 

Casinos and gambling are regulated in South Korea. There is one casino where Koreans can play, situated in Kangwon Province. A couple of more casinos, including some in hotels of the capital, Seoul, are only accessible to foreigners. What is interesting, is that the Korean citizens aren’t in face allowed to gamble even while outside of their home country because the Korean criminal law applies to them even beyond the borders. 

A far as the internet casinos are concerned, live dealer casinos are not allowed in South Korea. Therefore, South Koreans can play online casinos which are licensed outside their home country. They can either play through a casino application, or alternatively, through the desktop of their computer. While searching for online casinos in Korean language 카지노사이트., South Korean casino lovers have a vast array of different options to choose from. 

Casino Games enjoyed by South Koreans

When South Koreans play in virtual casinos, they prefer the following games: online slot machines, the roulette, the internet version of poker and other, classic card games. 

Online slot machines

These slot machines are an online version of the common slot machines (video lottery terminals) that occur in brick rooms. The player can play them in the internet environment from the comfort of their home. There are many types of internet slot machines: Five-cylinder, Three-cylinder, Four-cylinder, Classic, Multispine or Hollywood Slots.

Roulette online

It is an internet version of the classic roulette whose name comes from the French word roulette (or small wheel). There are three types of roulette: European, French and American. The basic and oldest type is the European roulette, which was created in France at the end of the 18th century. Later, the other two roulette arose, but the European and French are not very different. The American version of roulette is specific in that it has one extra zero (the so-called double zero).

Poker online

Poker online is perhaps the most popular virtual casino game that offers a variety of options. It is a card game, usually played with French cards (52 sheets – crosses, diamonds, hearts and spades). Today, Texas Hold’em Poker is the most popular version of poker, but there are also poker versions like Caribbean Stud Poker, Red Dog Poker or Pai Gow Poker.

Card games online

In virtual casinos, players can encounter many kinds of card games. In addition to the aforementioned Poker game, it is a very popular game of BlackJack, which allows you to increase your chances of winning using various strategies. Another appealing card game is Bacarrat.

Methods of depositing money in online casino

Given the fact that South Koreans have to play in the internet casinos registered outside their home country, these are some of the ways that they can deposit funds for their game: payment by a credit card, a bank transfer, by an electronic wallet, and using cryptocurrencies. 

Credit card

The convenience of ‘plastic’ payment has become an automatic part of the society and it is no different in the internet casino. Depositing money into your account with your card is in most cases the easiest and fastest way to play. 

Bank transfer

Using a bank account as a means of payment or withdrawal at a virtual casino is one of the traditional tools to play for money and try your luck. Its disadvantage is, in particular, the time delay of crediting the funds to the account. This accrual is determined by the banking processes and time limits defined by the bank for the operations. We also know the foreign term “wire” for the payment method using internet banking.

Electronic wallet

Anyone who has ever visited an internet casino has certainly noticed several payment methods how you can transfer your money. One of the most popular options is the electronic wallet, which has been used by players for several years. For some players, it may be critical that they do not need to open a bank account with their electronic wallet. In the 21st century, electronic wallets are among the most practical and effective payment methods one can use online. There are many more reasons why players choose the method of payment by an electronic wallet, such as simple user interface, manageability and a certain amount of security.  


The latest payment method that Korean players can use to deposit funds into their casino account is in the form of cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin. For some players, it may be an expression of certain revolt against the official currency, for others it may simply be an international means of payment.  Although it is a relatively new method, the possibility of paying with Bitcoins in the casino is increasingly being used by more and more Korean players. Read here for more info about the use of cryptocurrencies.