The Top 5... Matched Betting Sites in 2018 


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Betting Mastermind


£688+VAT £180+VAT!

Betting Mastermind is the ultimate package to make serious profits.
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Subscription Costs:

£15/m or £150/yr

A favourite of many. OddsMonkey provide some of the leading matched betting tools and host an excellent community of matched bettors.

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Profit Accumulator

Subscription Costs:

£17.99/m or £150/yr

One of the biggest and well-known services. Profit Accumulator have been helping members generate an income from matched betting since 2014.

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Profit Maximiser

​ONLY £1 for 14 days Premium Access!

A product of matched betting expert, Mike Cruickshank, Profit Maximiser was one of the first matched betting services to emerge. A large Facebook community and useful tools make Profit Maximiser a great choice.

Choosing a matched betting site...

Choosing the right matched betting site is an important choice as they differ in the tools they provide, their support and the general quality of their service. We have personally used all of the matched betting sites we list here and have reviewed them honestly and fairly based on our experiences. Choose from one of the sites above and try them out today.

There are many aspects to consider when choosing a matched betting site to sign up to. You'll be able to make a profit with all of them but some make the process a lot easier than others and will provide you with the tools and support you need to make maximum earnings. Some of the points we have considered when ranking the matched betting sites we have reviewed are : 


Matched Betting Tools

Customer Support
Design & Navigation of the site

These are just a few of the factors we have considered but you may want to make your mind up for yourself. We recommend trying them out using the free trials, if the site offers them, to get a feel for how they work.

Site of the month - is our number 1 rated site. They provide industry-leading tools and first class customer support to members.

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