Paddy Power's 2 up offer is one of the most popular offers with matched bettors due to the high potential winnings from a single back and lay bet.

Bet365 run a similar 'Early Payout Offer' which is equally as popular with the main difference being that the Bet365 offer is available on more leagues. However, Paddy's offer is available on all Premier League, La Liga and Champions League games which still gives plenty of choice.

what is the paddy power 2 up offer?

The 2 UP offer from Paddy Power is a simple offer where if you back a team to win and your team goes two goals up at any point in the match, you'll be paid out as a winner regardless of what the final result is.

For example, if you back Chelsea to beat Arsenal and Chelsea go two goals up after 30 minutes but end up losing the match 3-2, you're bet will still be paid as a winner. 

It doesn't matter if the team you back go 2-0, 3-1, 4-2, 5-3 or 6-4 up. If they go two goals ahead at any point during the match, your bet will be paid as a winner.

paddy power 2 up offer key terms

  • Eligible Leagues: All Premier League, La Liga and Champions League games
  • Offer valid until 26th May 2019.
  • Max payout £25,000

how to make a profit from 2 up

The strategy for generating a profit from 2 UP is pretty simple and involves simply backing and laying a team. It is important to remember that you will not make a profit from 2 UP every time and the key to generating the most profit is to minimise your qualifying losses as much as possible.

In order to make a profit from Paddy Power's 2 UP offer, your team must go 2 goals ahead at some point during the match. Usually, if this happens, you can lock in a profit. The amount of profit you can lock in will depend on the odds of your team after they have gone two goals ahead. 

As you will be both backing and laying your team, it is possible to win both your back bet with Paddy Power and your lay bet with the exchange. This would happen if your team goes two goals up and then fails to win the match.

However, there is an opportunity to lock in a smaller profit before the game has ended. 

If your team goes two goals up, Paddy Power will pay your bet out immediately as a winner. This means that you have broken even (minus your qualifying loss) but still have your lay bet running. At this point you have two options.

1. You can let your bet run and hope that the other team comes back and the match either ends in a draw or your team loses. This would mean that you receive maximum profits as you will win both your back bet and your lay bet,

2. You can cash out your lay bet once your team goes two goals up and anything you return from your cash out will be profit (minus your initial qualifying loss).

2 Up Example

Here is an example of how your can potentially generate a profit from Paddy Power's 2UP offer by matched betting.

Bet Details:

Match: Chelsea v Arsenal

Back Bet: Chelsea to win 3.0

Lay Bet: Chelsea to win 3.02

Stake: £100

We have found a good match for our bet and so now we need to back and lay our selection. We're going to be using a stake size of £100 but any stake size is acceptable so long as the winnings on Paddy Power do not exceed £25,000. The option to place such as high stake and receive potentially large winnings is one thing that makes 2UP such an attractive and popular offer.

2up calculator

Entering the bet details into the matched betting calculator, we can see that if we back Chelsea for £100 and lay for also £100, we will have a qualifying loss of £2 whatever happens.This is the amount you we will lose should Chelsea not go two goals up during the match which would mean that there would be no early payout with Paddy Power or opportunity to cash out for a profit on Smarkets.


If Chelsea go 2 goals ahead, our bet will be paid out as a winner immediately by Paddy Power. This means that we are currently £2 down but have our lay bet still running.

Now that Chelsea are two goals ahead, their odds of winning the match have shortened. We can either cash out at the exchange or use a 2UP calculator like the one on OddsMonkey to lock in an overall profit.

In the example below, the odds on Chelsea now winning the match have shortened to 1.25.

2up matched betting

We can see from the calculator above that if we now place a £241.60 back bet on Chelsea to win the match on the exchange, we can lock in an overall profit of £58.40 whatever the final result is. 

when to cash out

The decision whether to cash out early or to let your lay bet play out is a decision you'll have to make when it happens. Generally, it is recommended that you cash out if the profit is of an acceptable amount as some profit is better than potentially none. However, depending on the amount of profit you can make from cashing out and how the match is going, you may wish to wait longer before cashing out, if at all.

In the example above, if Arsenal got a goal back, the odds on Chelsea winning the game would increase and then, you'd be able to cash out for a larger amount.

Let's take a look at what the profit would be if Arsenal got a goal back and the odds on Chelsea winning the match were increased to 1.80.

paddy power 2up matched betting

Now that Chelsea's odds have increased, so have our profits. We could now cash out on the exchange for an overall profit of £132.22.

Alternatively, should Arsenal get another goal and the game ends in either a draw or Arsenal win, we would win both our back bet and our lay bet. This would give us a profit of £200 with Paddy Power and a Profit of £100 with Smarkets and a total profit of £300!


Paddy Power's 2UP offer is one of the most popular matched betting offers of this season. The main attraction is that it is very easy to do and the potential profits are huge!

The main point to consider is that you should only participate in the offer when you have found a close match which results in a small qualifying loss based on your stake. It is possible you could go many games without a cashout opportunity and so keeping qualifying losses to a minimum is essential.

2 UP is available throughout the 2018/2019 football season and so get on it while you can as it may not be around forever!

T&C's: 18+ only. Applies to all Premier League, La Liga and Champions League games until 26th May 2018. Applies to pre-match singles in the Win-Draw-Win market only. Offer does not apply to bets placed on the Draw selection in each game Offer does not apply to in-play bets. Max pay-out on the offer is £25,000. winning bets paid out within 15 minutes of going 2 goals ahead. further T&C's apply.